MBA in Insurance Management - 2023-24

MBA in Insurance Management is a two-year program. Further, the course includes advanced knowledge of corporate risk and liability. Further, the Insurance MBA is a postgraduate banking course that teaches the basics of insurance and banking. Also, the course includes advanced knowledge of corporate risk and liability.

Moreover, the MBA Insurance course teaches students how to resolve conflicts, build and maintain interpersonal relationships, and other skills. Also, upon graduation, students have acquired the basic and conceptual skills and knowledge needed to solve insurance-related issues.

ShikshaGurus Methodology of curating MBA in Insurance Management 

ShikshaGurus is a website where students can find online and distance learning courses from top universities in India. Our team carefully selects these universities to ensure all Universities have UGC approvals. Students can use the website to find information about courses and compare them with similar ones from other universities. Then, they can choose the university that best fits their needs.

Top Universities offering the MBA program

Some Top Universities which offer this program are –

Career options after MBA in Insurance Management 

The field of insurance management offers many career opportunities with a secure future. Also, many multinational corporations and banks hire candidates with an MBA in Insurance Management, leading to high-paying and successful careers. Further, other study options in this field include an MBA in risk management and finance.

  • Business Analyst: assists an organization in improving its processes and systems.
  • Internal auditor: The role of the internal auditor is to independently verify that management, risk management, and internal control procedures are working properly.
  • Fund Manager: The fund managers are responsible for implementing the fund’s investment strategy and portfolio management.
  • Financial Manager: The financial managers are responsible for creating financial reports, managing investments, and developing and planning strategies for long-term financial goals.
  • Risk Manager: A risk manager’s job involves analyzing accidents or losses, identifying their causes, and suggesting ways to prevent them from happening again. They also communicate the organization’s risk policies and procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in Insurance Management

Yes, numerous companies seek talented candidates in the insurance field, making it easy for those with an MBA in insurance to secure a job.

For a regular MBA in Insurance Management, the course fees ranges between 5 lacs to 14 lacs depending on the University. However, for a Distance MBA or an Online MBA in Insurance Management, the fees ranges between 60K to 3.5 lacs depending on the University.

The salary for MBA in Insurance management depends on various factors such as reputation of the University, skill-set of the candidate, location and company. However, an estimate of the MBA Insurance graduates at different career levels is mentioned below –

Experience Average Salary Range (INR)
Freshers (0 years) 5 lakhs – 12 lakhs
3 years experience 8 lakhs – 18 lakhs
5 years experience 12 lakhs – 25 lakhs
7 years experience 15 lakhs – 30 lakhs
10 years experience 20 lakhs – 50 lakhs or more

Yes,an MBA in Insurance Management is a good career choice. Further, people with good comm skills and people management skills do extremely well and are paid handsomely.

MBA in Insurance Management is a 2 year postgraduate course where you will get to learn about insurance, sales, CRM etc.

Yes Distance MBA in Insurance management is available. However, it is important the candidate do proper due diligence and check for University approvals before enrolling.

As per UGC, Distance education degrees are at par with regular on-campus degree courses. Therefore, what matters is whether MBA Insurance is beneficial or not. Simple answer is Yes.
There are a lot of career options after completing MBA in Insurance Management.

Yes! There are a lot of Universities that have placement drives for distance learning students. Also, as per UGC degrees through distance learning are at par with regular on-campus degree courses. Hence, companies hire distance learning candidates as well.



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