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The Graphic Era University Dehradun (GEU) is a shining example of cutting-edge education in the heart of Dehradun. Further, GEU is significantly influencing the information that people will learn in the future. In the heart of the magnificent Himalayan city, this location is more than just a typical University; GEU is a true game-changer.

The way Graphic Era University Dehradun educates is what distinguishes it from others. Further, GEU carefully combines various elements, making studying fun and difficult. Moreover, this combination of elements works like a formula to motivate pupils to think. Additionally, GEU employs various words to keep the learning process engaging and distinctive. Moreover, this makes the situation even more intriguing.

Graphic Era University Dehradun – History

The Graphic Era Institute, the cradle of Graphic Era University Dehradun, is where the journey starts. Beginning in 1997, it advanced fast to become the most prominent educational centre in the area. Further, Graphic Era has built its reputation by encouraging all-around education and general development. This illustrious past prepared the ground for Graphic Era University Dehradun to launch, to go beyond boundaries and conventional classrooms. Moreover, this legacy continues to convey an inspiring story of innovation and strength.

Graphic Era University Dehradun – Embracing Digitization

The digital revolution in the twenty-first century has influenced everything, including education. Graphic Era University Dehradun recognizes this potential and has transitioned with the help of technology to provide an engaging online learning environment. Further, Graphic Era University’s online routes have become a melting pot of different cultures, views, and aspirations as more international students enrol there.

GEU’s online resources resemble an endless supply of learning possibilities, covering various courses. Graphic Era University Dehradun supports a range of hobbies and professional aspirations by offering courses in the arts, sciences, cutting-edge technology, and management. Further, this variety of programmes allows students to find their passion and start a learning journey that aligns with their goals. Technology is at the core of the virtual campus set by Graphic Era University Dehradun. 

Further, GEU’s commitment to integrating technology into teaching has created a setting that replicates and improves traditional learning. Moreover, this results in an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Graphic Era University Dehradun UGC and AICTE Approval

This UGC and AICTE approval is of the utmost importance to the Indian educational system. The Indian government created the University Grants Commission, which monitors the quality of higher education.

Further, through the All India Council for Technical Education, the Indian government monitors technical education. This group’s endorsement of Graphic Era Online University reminds us that GEU is committed to offering programmes appropriate for the modern technological and professional environment. Moreover, this accreditation ensures that what students learn applies in the classroom and the real world.

Obtaining these clearances is a difficult process. Moreover, the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approve a University after a thorough investigation. Before approving a university, they research the institution thoroughly. Further, this entails assessing the teachers’ credentials to determine if the material taught corresponds to actual work. They also check whether the appropriate resources are available for teaching and the general quality of the instruction. Meeting and even exceeding these requirements demonstrates Graphic Era University Dehradun’s commitment to providing quality education.

The degrees from Graphic Era University Dehradun are legitimate thanks to the endorsements from the UGC and AICTE, which is a huge benefit. Because the Indian government recognizes these approvals, these degrees hold value inside and outside India.

Graphic Era University Dehradun NAAC Approval and Grade

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council’s (NAAC) prestigious approval of Graphic Era Online University has great significance. Higher education institutions (HEI) in India are evaluated and graded by NAAC, a reputable organization. Its Graphic Era University Dehradun grade demonstrates that the University upholds recognized academic standards.

In August 2022, Graphic Era University Dehradun reached a significant milestone. The institution accomplished a noteworthy feat during this period when it received the coveted ‘A+’ grade from the esteemed National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Moreover, this feat is especially noteworthy as GEU has maintained the NAAC ‘A’ grade level since 2015.

NAAC has also given Graphic Era University Dehradun a rating in addition to the recognition. This score is evidence of the University’s consistent commitment to upholding rigorous academic standards and providing top-notch education.

The NAAC’s endorsement adds weight because of its thorough examination procedure. This process considers several operational characteristics of an institution. It probes into the effectiveness of management and leadership, going beyond simple evaluation. Further, NAACC also carefully examines the success of the teaching and learning process, guaranteeing students a worthwhile educational experience. The evaluation also takes into account the accessibility of resources and facilities that are essential for a positive learning environment. Further, NAAC also assesses the University’s dedication to research and development.  

GEU NIRF Ranking

Graphic Era University Dehradun’s high National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranking has received national recognition due to its dedication to academic quality and all-around growth. The NIRF, created by the Indian Ministry of Education, is a thorough framework to assess and rate the nation’s higher education institutions according to numerous criteria.

Graphic Era significantly increased from its 101st rank in 2022 to reach the 55th spot among 200 Indian institutions in the NIRF overall rankings in 2023. In addition, Graphic Era University is ranked 75 out of 300 institutions in India for B.Tech in the NIRF rankings for 2021.

GEU Placement Records

A varied panel of more than 200 recruiters issued an amazing total of over 2400 offers during the placement drive at Graphic Era Online University in 2021, marking a noteworthy milestone.

The University’s placement efforts led to extraordinary remuneration standards. With an outstanding INR 54.80 lakh per year (LPA), the highest planned Cost to Company (CTC) hit a noteworthy apex. Further, this success demonstrated the University’s commitment to providing its alums with lucrative career possibilities. By earning an exceptional average CTC of INR 5.38 LPA, GEU demonstrated its dedication to delivering successful student placements.

Famous Alums

The list of prominent Graphic Era University Dehradun graduates includes outstanding people who have made a lasting impact in their respective disciplines. 

Rajat Jain 

He stands out as a shining example among these successful graduates. In addition to being the creator of Sunfox Technologies, he had the idea that led to the development of the smallest ECG equipment ever made.

Ankit Gupta 

He is an eminent figure who elevated Graphic Era Online University. He established his reputation as a software innovator by serving as a co-founder of the popular coding platform InterviewBit. His platform allows Numerous ambitious programmers to develop their talents and succeed in the coding industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Graphic Era Online University, Dehradun

Yes, it is one of the best universities in our country. Further, almost 90% of students get placement every year at GEU Dehradun.

Graphic Era University is a private university in Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

Yes, it has been accredited by NAAC with an ‘A+’ grade in the year 2022.

Graphic Era University is the first University in the entire state of Uttarakhand to be approved by UGC for providing Online Education.

Overall the university is good with good placement records, a nice environment for a student to nurture their career.



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