MCA in Data Science

MCA in Data Science 

MCA in Data Science is a 2-year postgraduate program. Many students consider Data Science as their top choice. With data scientists, data analysis is much easier. Traditional methods are not helpful currently because of a lack of data generation.

Data Science is a vital part of the new world of big data because it not only collects more data but also ensures that it is clean, steady and of high quality. The MCA program emphasizes practical Python programming skills, statistical data analysis, and linear algebra concepts, in addition to developing expertise in data analysis concepts. According to industry statistics, the most common job titles related to DS include software engineer, data analyst, senior software engineer, data scientist, software developer, business analyst, and IT data analyst. Companies looking to fill DS positions include Flipkart, Amazon, LinkedIn, IBM, Walmart Labs, and Sigmoid.

Along with the expansion of this industry, the number of jobs in the IT industry has also increased. Also, businesses need professionals with relevant knowledge and strong skills. MCA graduates are always in high demand in the industry because of the exposure they get during the course.

ShikshaGurus Methodology of curating MCA in Data Science

ShikshaGurus is a platform for learners to discover online and distance courses from top Indian universities. Before featuring a university on our platform, our experts and professionals carefully select it and ensure it has UGC approval. Students can effortlessly access information about their desired course, evaluate it alongside comparable programs from other institutions, and ultimately make well-informed decisions regarding the most fitting university among the available choices.

Top Universities offering MCA in Data Science 

Top Career Options after MCA in Data Science 

MCA Data Science offers numerous job opportunities. After you get your MCA in Data Science, here are some of the highest-paying jobs you can pursue.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

Examining business intelligence (BI) turns information into a meaningful experience, thus expanding business esteem by helping to set direction. Using data analytics, data modelling, and data visualization techniques, they find patterns and trends in company data to identify and address areas of potential revenue loss.

  • Data analyst

In recent years, the data analyst position has become one of the most demanded by employers. Thus, a data analyst typically takes data from a company’s database, uses programming skills to analyze it, and presents the findings to a wider audience daily. An MCA in Data Science will prepare students with the necessary skills to become Data Analysts.

  • Data Scientist

Like information examiners, Data Scientists gather wild information, dissect it, and present it in a more usable organization. However, regarding technical aspects, data scientists are ahead of data analysts because they have a deeper understanding of big data.

  • Quantitative analyst 

In financial institutions, the position of the quantitative analyst is highly competitive. Using data analysis techniques, they find potential investment opportunities for the company. Therefore, to guarantee that an organization makes an investment less risky and more successful, it must go through vast databases and find patterns.

  • Operations Analyst 

Although they may also work as consultants, larger businesses usually employ operations analysts. They guarantee the smooth functioning of the company’s internal procedures, such as product production and distribution, internal reporting systems and efficient operations.

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