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Jain University, or simply JAIN, is a well-known private institution with its main campus in Bangalore, India. It was formerly known as Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College and changed its name to a university in 2009. Further, for the benefit of students with various academic interests, Jain University, Bangalore, provides a broad selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes both in traditional learning environments and online.

Moreover, Jain University, Bangalore, comprises skilled and informed professors who take regular and online classes. They are known for their experience in ensuring that students receive the top-quality education every child dreams of. Teachers engage students in interactive learning situations to promote imaginative thinking and intellectual growth.

This University is an established part of the JAIN Group with a 30-year history in business and education, which is significant. Further, this collaboration enhances the University’s standing by supplying helpful resources, expert knowledge, and a wide network of professional contacts.

Jain University, Bangalore, has increased the number of online courses it offers to keep up with the evolving nature of higher education. Further, to meet students’ changing interests and needs, these courses provide various topics, including management, information technology, commerce, and the humanities. Additionally, students of all academic levels, including undergraduate and graduate students, can improve their knowledge through these online courses.

All study methods at Jain University, Bangalore, will have a consistent learning environment. Online courses use the same well-organised curriculum and effective teaching techniques as traditional classrooms. Moreover, this University develops an engaging online learning environment using modern technology and innovative teaching methods. They actively encourage student participation, cooperation, and engagement with the course materials to make learning engaging.

NAAC Grade

Jain University, Bangalore, did a fantastic job and got the best A++ grade, a 3.71 out of 4 score from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Moreover, it shows that the University provides an excellent education. The NAAC checked everything: courses, research, facilities, student services, results, and overall performance.

These achievements prove that Jain University provides top-quality education and creates a good learning environment. It’s an excellent choice for students who want a good education. Further, the NAAC’s recognition makes it even more trustworthy as an extraordinary educational University.

NIRF Ranking

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) and the NAAC gave Jain University, Bangalore, high recognition. Jain University is now ranked 79th out of the top 200 universities in India. Moreover, this rating recognises the University’s academic quality, research accomplishments, business collaborations, and overall institutional performance. 

The high rating received from NIRF further solidifies Jain University’s position as one of the top universities in the nation.

The achievement demonstrates Jain University’s dedication to delivering excellent education and making important research contributions. It also highlights the University’s strong connection to business, which might present students with valuable possibilities. With this distinction, Jain University establishes itself as a reputable and esteemed University in the field of education.

Placement Records

Students are highly interested in Jain University, Bangalore, for various reasons, including its stellar job placement record. Jain University, Bangalore, recently had a placement rate of 92.50%, which is excellent. The University’s emphasis on preparing students for the workforce and building trusting connections with businesses has led to this extraordinary success. Moreover, the University’s dedication to providing an in-depth education shows that graduates of Jain University have accepted employment offers from famous national and worldwide businesses.

Students from Jain University received fantastic job offers throughout the placement process. A genuinely extraordinary 32 lakhs per year (LPA) was the highest pay ever paid to a Jain University, Bangalore graduate, demonstrating the skill of the University’s alums. Students made a worthy 6.09 lakhs per year (LPA) on average. The facts and figures show how serious Jain University, Bangalore, is about providing its students with the resources they need to succeed in the workforce and find jobs they are happy with.

Jain University, Bangalore, focuses on industry-oriented courses, offers practical training, and actively supports career development to achieve amazing job placement rates. The University collaborates with leading businesses across various industries, including internships, industry visits, and campus recruiting. The career advising centre at Jain University helps students improve their abilities to find employment and job preparation by providing resume-building training sessions, interview training sessions, and networking opportunities.

Jain University promotes an active and welcoming campus community in addition to academics and professional placements. Modern classrooms, well-equipped labs, big libraries, and outdoor areas are all available at the institution. Students actively engage in extracurricular activities, join groups and communities related to their interests, and enhance their talents outside the classroom. Jain University, Bangalore, encourages students to follow their passion and supports overall growth.

Online Programs

Through online education, Jain University, Bangalore, seeks to provide ease and versatility in learning. Now, students from different parts of the world may have access to the University’s qualified instructors and educational tools without being limited by distance. Further, students can manage other commitments and duties while learning at their speed.

Students at Jain University, Bangalore, can select the type of learning that most effectively meets their requirements and interests by choosing from various online undergraduate and graduate programmes courses.

Jain University, Bangalore, offer Undergraduate programmes in the following fields:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

This three-year undergraduate course educates the students and provides them with the appropriate skills they need in various business administration areas. This program helps the students prepare themselves for successful jobs in the corporate world.

BCOM (Bachelor of Commerce)

This three-year undergraduate course focuses based on business and gives students a solid foundation in economics, accounting, finance, and business management. 

Additionally, Jain University, Bangalore, provides the following kinds of postgraduate programmes:

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The respected two-year MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme improves students’ abilities in leadership and management. Financial management, marketing, human resources, operations management, and strategic planning are just some of the MBA course’s specialisations.

MCA (Master of Computer Application)

The two-year program focuses on applying computer science to real-world scenarios. This program prepares students for information technology, systems analysis, and software development professions.

The online MBA programme at Jain University has 19 different specialisations, which is one of its important qualities. Students can choose from this broad list of possibilities based on their academic interests and long-term career goals. Moreover, students can choose to focus on any area of business administration, including finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and others.

Jain University ensures students get a targeted broad education in their preferred fields of study thanks to the diversity of specialisations offered. Further, it enables individuals to connect their academic work with their long-term goals, offering a complete and unique learning experience.


Jain University is a great university that cares about excellence and helping students succeed. They offer many different programs for undergraduates and graduates, both in regular classes and online. It can help students avail education in whichever way possible. Jain University makes sure that education is accessible and flexible for everyone.

Jain University goes beyond to involve students in extracurricular activities rather than just studying. These clubs help the students follow their passion apart from studies like singing, dancing, painting, swimming etc. Further, they believe in a well-rounded education that helps students grow personally. They provide a friendly and lively campus where students can join different groups based on their interests.

Jain University, Bangalore, is known for its excellent education and dedication to overall development. They set high standards, provide a wide range of courses, and create an encouraging environment for everyone. Moreover, it provides students with all the resources to follow their dreams and succeed in their chosen disciplines. They offer the opportunity, information, and abilities required for a good social effect.

The welcoming approach to learning at this University places the same importance on academic achievement and overall student development. The school strongly supports the growth of critical thinking abilities and a broader perspective. This University promotes innovation, creativity, and leadership through various events, student organisations, and corporate collaborations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Jain University

Yes, Jain University, Bangalore, is among the top universities in the world and is known for its quality education and diverse culture to its students. Further, the courses and the faculty help the students to compete in this ever-changing world of business. Also, Jain University, Bangalore, is a NAAC A++ (3.71/4) graded University. The A++ NAAC grade is awarded to only a select few Universities in the country (Top 1% Universities).

Moreover, Jain University offers various undergraduate & postgraduate courses to choose from and helps their students to get a successful career. Also, the University has made several achievements in the past few years to rank themselves among one of the best universities.

Overall, if you’re considering Jain University for your higher education, it’s worth exploring further to see if it fits you well!

Yes, Jain University, Bangalore is recognized and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Jain University, Bangalore is one of the leading universities in the world for higher education. Moreover, it has also been accredited with an ‘A++’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). It is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Overall, it is a well-respected institution in India that provides its students with quality education and research opportunities. Its recognition by the UGC ensures that its degrees are recognized across India and internationally.

Before concluding, let’s check the background history of Jain University, Bangalore.

Jain University, Bangalore, was established in 1990 by the founder of Jain Group and Chancellor Chenraj Roychand. Further, this university is UGC-approved and is given an A++ (3.71/4) rating by NAAC.

Jain University, Bangalore, is among India’s top universities and is known for its quality of education. Moreover, this university offers its education through three modes: online, distance and traditional on-campus training.

So, no, Jain University, Bangalore, is not FAKE.

JAIN Online is an E-learning platform provided by Jain University, Bangalore for the online courses. In a way Jain Online and Jain University are the same.

The NAAC Grade of Jain University is A++ (3.71/4). Moreover, the A++ NAAC grade makes Jain University one of the top universities of India. Overall, it provides great infrastructure and good placement opportunities to its students.



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