MBA in Hospital Management

The 2-year postgraduate program, MBA in Hospital Management, is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and its dynamics. Further, planning, control, and management of the healthcare system and its administration are the primary focuses of this professional program. Also, the hospitality of the board has become very famous for the ever-expanding foundation of medical care in India. 

This course is among the most popular for people seeking an MBA in the healthcare sector. Moreover, in terms of employment and revenue, healthcare has become one of India’s most important industries. Also, students in this specialization now have access to various opportunities through management positions in health services.

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Top Universities offering MBA in Hospital Management 

Some of the Top Universities that offer Mba in Hospital Management:

Top Career options after MBA in Hospital Management

Students can take on various health and hospital management tasks after earning an MBA in Hospital Management. The number of nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities in India is growing exponentially. With an MBA, you can quickly get a managerial position in healthcare.

  • Healthcare Finance Manager: They are responsible for budgeting, financial planning, financial analysis, and daily reporting of economic activities, day-to-day financial activities of healthcare institutions. 
  • Medical and health services managers: They are responsible for the timely and effective planning, management, and coordination of all medical services.
  • Hospital Managers: They are responsible for ensuring that the administration provided by their medical service organization runs as expected and successfully. Also, the patients receive appropriate therapy. An MBA in Hospital Management can give you the needed skills to become a Hospital Manager.
  • Medical Director: They are responsible for ensuring the correct and prompt treatment administration in clinics, hospitals, blood banks, and other facilities. Also, they are in charge of assigning staff to each patient and dealing with any complaints that patients may have.
  • Clinical chiefs: They are, in many cases, responsible for clinical morale and ensure that they keep up with the integrity of the association in which they work.
  • Blood Bank Administrator: They are responsible for proper inventory evaluation and coordination of all blood bank operations. They oversee blood bank operations’ three most important aspects: receiving, storage, and delivery.
  • HR Recruiter: They oversee recruiting new staff, including nurses, doctors, etc., in medical clinics, blood banks, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. In healthcare facilities, staff members are responsible for ensuring a healthy work environment and compliance with the facility’s rules and regulations by medical staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in Hospital Management

Medical coding course fee range around 20k to 1 Lac per annum depending on the University you choose.

For a regular MBA in Hospital Management, the course fees is in the range of 7 lacs to 14 lacs. Whereas, for a Distance MBA or an Online MBA in Hospital Management, the course fees is in the range of 1.5 lacs to 3.5 lacs depending on the University you choose to pursue your MBA from.

Some of the Health Science courses are:

  • Biological
  • Physical & Social sciences
  • Health care-related subjects,
  • Hands-on training

And many more.

Yes! After the whole Covid situation candidates for MBA in hospital management demand has been increased. Further, the healthcare sector is looking for graduates with MBA degree and offering them high-paying salaries.

Some of the subjects in MBA in Hospital Management are:

  • Health Economics
  • Hospital Operations Management
  • Health Insurance
  • Hospital Administration
  • Health Planning & Infrastructure
  • Basic Concepts of Epidemiology

among others



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