An MBA in Finance Management covers raising money, investment and resource management, control, and review. Further, through this course, a candidate can learn and earn by analyzing company reports, predicting business trends, maximizing stock value and profitability, minimizing financial risks, and managing capital investments. Also, in the second year of the MBA program, all the top schools in India offer MBA in Finance Management as a specialization or optional course.

It includes investigation of control and assessment of resources, investment, management and collection. Further, an MBA gives you the skills, knowledge and strategies to perform various finance-related tasks. Further, this makes you an excellent resource for the corporate and government sectors. Moreover, graduates with an MBA in finance management have access to lucrative job opportunities, particularly in the stock markets, auditing agencies and tax firms. Moreover, they can start a business.

ShikshaGurus Methodology of curating MBA in Finance Management 

ShikshaGurus is a platform where students can find various online and distance learning courses from the best universities in India. Further, our team of experts and professionals carefully chooses all universities; only UGC-approved Universities are on our platform. Also, using the platform, the student can get the desired course details, compare the course with similar courses offered by other universities and finally choose the best-suited university from the available options. Moreover, in MBA in Finance Management, students will learn how to evaluate investments, review company data, implement strategies to increase stock value, manage profitability and risk, and more. 

Top Universities offering MBA in Finance Management 

Here are some of the Top Universities offering MBA in Finance Management:

  1. Manipal University
  2. Jain University, Bangalore
  3. Lovely Professional University (LPU)
  4. Amrita University
  5. Amity University
  6. Vignan University
  7. DY Patil University, Mumbai
  8. Uttaranchal University(UU), Dehradun 
  9. NMIMS, Mumbai
  10. Dr MGR University

Top Career options after MBA in Finance Management  

The MBA in Finance Management aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of many aspects of the business world. These graduates can work in the banking and finance industries and pursue various MBA careers. Students can prepare for careers in various financial fields with an MBA in Finance Management. As long as it is necessary to maintain capital balance, they can work in any industry. They can work in both the private and public sectors. They can explore different career options with a master’s degree in finance.

  • Financial Advisor: Financial advisors help clients create a strategy to achieve their goals. In addition, they help customers manage their savings and offer advice on how to get the most out of their assets.
  • Financial Planner: Goal setting and financial management are two of the many services a financial planner provides. This usually means helping them assess their financial situation and creating a budget.
  • Financial Research Analyst: Stock research, fundamental and technical analysis, valuation, risk management, and statistics are skills that research analysts should have.
  • Portfolio and wealth management: It includes creating pension funds, investment portfolios, tax strategies, financial planning, etc. Also, wealth managers need to know their clients’ short-term and long-term financial plans.
  • Financial Advice: Involves in-depth examination of problems and analysis of those problems to propose solutions. Change management, strategy development, training skills development, technology implementation, and other tasks are part of their job.
  • The Spending Plan Investigator: tracks spending to forecast future costs and ensure it stays within budget. 
  • Budget analysts: help businesses and organizations allocate and organize their financial resources. In addition, they track all their transactions.

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