MBA in Hospitality Management - 2023-24

MBA in Hospitality Management is a 2-year post-graduation program. One of the benefits of the course is the opportunity to receive formal training in cutting-edge skills and topics. Further, the candidate will learn about the latest research, travel applications, management software, and best business practices. Also, you will learn to take advantage of the latest leisure and hospitality trends to help your employer stay competitive and up-to-date.

One in ten people works in tourism or hospitality; the global hospitality sector is worth trillions of dollars. With a lot of money and a lot of workers, the industry needs a lot of skilled business managers. As new technologies, changing consumer trends, and international issues change how people spend their free time and money, those with the highest levels of education will be able to shape the industry’s future. You can do precisely that with an MBA in Hospitality Management. With an MBA in hospitality, business managers have influential, lucrative, and adaptable careers in a large, expanding, and changing industry.

The MBA is the highest quality level in business education and provides intense training in various business points, from finance to HR. Graduates of this adaptable and highly sought-after degree can choose from multiple prestigious and lucrative careers. 

ShikshaGurus Methodology of curating MBA in Hospitality Management

ShikshaGurus is a platform where students can find various online and distance learning courses from the best universities in India. Our team of experts and professionals carefully chooses all universities; only UGC-approved Universities are on the platform. Using the platform, the student can get the desired course details, compare the course with similar courses offered by other universities and finally choose the best-suited university from the available options.

A hospitality MBA is simply a master’s degree in business administration focusing on hospitality. In the MBA in Hospitality Management program, you will study general business principles before focusing on how they apply to the hospitality sector.

Top Universities offering MBA in Hospitality Management 

Some of the Top UGC approved Universities offering Mba in Hospitality Management are:

  1. MBA in Hospitality Management from DY Patil University, Mumbai
  2. MBA in Hospitality Management from Maharishi Markandeshwar University

Top Career options after MBA in Hospitality Management

The umbrella term “hospitality management” refers to various related services. In Indian cordial business, the significant disciplines are opportunity arrangement, transport, travel route, accommodation, games, the aviation industry, and many other areas.

  • Food and Beverage Manager: The manager is responsible for the overall operation of the restaurant. Hiring staff, keeping track of daily records, maintaining discipline in the office, following safety rules in the kitchen, and maintaining quality standards are some of the daily responsibilities of these professionals.
  • Casino Manager: The casino manager oversees the overall operation of the casino. Also, (s)he supervises and plans all gaming activities of the casino. An MBA in Hospitality Management trains students so that they can easily manage a casino.
  • Financial Manager: They are responsible for the day-to-day financial operations of the hotel or restaurant. Further, these professionals handle accounts and write financial reports. Also, they research and find ways to increase the company’s profits.
  • Restaurant Chef: The restaurant manager hires, trains, and oversees various workplace activities. Also, they decide on the menu and the budget based on what the customers like. In addition, he makes sure that the restaurant employees follow all hygiene principles.
  • ravel Agent: Travel enthusiasts can rely on a travel agency to help them arrange transportation and accommodation. They plan fun activities for people who want to travel with their families, groups, or friends. They may also have helpful in recommending places, hotels, sports, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in Hospitality Management

Yes, A career in hospitality management is perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of traveling, working in hotels, and other fields that involves catering to large groups of people.

Some of the Hospitality courses after 12th are:

  • Graduation in Hotel Management
  • Course in Hospitality Management
  • Designing Hotel and Restaurant Concepts
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management Including English Language Studies (Free Online Course)
  • EHL Pre-university Courses
  • Hospitality Management – Health and Safety in Food Service (Free Online Course With Certificate)

And many more.

For a regular MBA in Hospitality Management, the course fees ranges between 5 lacs to 15 lacs. However, for a Distance MBA or an Online MBA in Hospitality Management, the course fees ranges from 1 lac to 3 lacs.

After completing an MBA in Hospitality Management, students can work in any city/country that has tourism based economy. Furthermore, countries like Dubai, Switzerland hire a lot of Indians who have an MBA in Hospitality.

There are a lot of roles available in sectors like hotels, resorts, etc and in various roles such as in operations, sales, etc. Furthermore, India is promoting tourism abroad and has started seeing results in increasing numbers. Moreover, domestic tourism has also gained a lot of traction and people are exploring different parts of India.

MBA in Hospitality Management equips students with skills to manage and operate hotels, resorts, cruise and restaurants. Further, some of the main subjects that cover these aspects of the course are –

  • Hospitality Management
  • Hotel Operations Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Tourism Management
  • Event Management
  • Hospitality Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management in Hospitality
  • Customer Service Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Revenue and Yield Management
  • Sustainability in Hospitality
  • Hospitality Law and Ethics
  • Hospitality Technology Management
  • Global Trends in Hospitality
  • Strategic Management in Hospitality

MBA in Hospitality Management and MBA in Hospitality are both same courses.

Some of the main jobs candidates can apply for after completing the MBA in Hospitality management are –

  • Hotel Manager
  • Resort Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Event and Conference Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Food and Beverage Director
  • Cruise Ship Manager
  • Travel and Tourism Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Revenue or Yield Manager
  • Spa and Wellness Center Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Manager
  • Club Manager
  • Timeshare Manager
  • Airline Operations and Service Manager
  • Hospitality Consultant
  • Entrepreneur


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