MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management

The Online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management is a 2-year postgraduate program. The course curriculum focuses on building a solid foundation in business management, mainly in the petroleum and natural gas sectors. Further, the course covers business administration in the oil and gas industry. Moreover, it is a high-quality course that guarantees a high salary. Also, the fuel-based industry is constantly growing due to the global demand for the extraction of naturally occurring fuels. Further, every industry globally utilises oil and gas resources. Also, Oil, Natural Gas and consumable fuels sector is one of India’s largest industries.

Moreover, oil and gas serve as available sources of fuel and energy. Therefore, focusing on this field as a distinct discipline is crucial. Further, to manage oil and gas, one must understand the basics of production, extraction, usage, and conservation of this vital energy resource.

The course curriculum teaches various subjects to enhance theoretical knowledge and clear principles of an online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management. Some subjects in MBA Petroleum and Natural Gas course include Oil and Gas Business, Safety and Environment, Petroleum Law and Policy, Risk Management, Petroleum Financing, etc. Along with theoretical skills, professionals and experts help the student to gain various soft skills. 

The oil and gas industries hire for new management positions daily. Also, they seek individuals with exceptional management skills. Further, it is due to the rapid rise of industrial revolutions and the fast-paced structural changes in today’s economy. Also, every industry assigns new management positions as management courses grow in value and strength daily. Moreover, an online MBA in Petroleum and Gas Management is in high demand, and it is one of the most sought-after courses among the many career options. 

Online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management is for students who-

  • Students with a strong foundation in chemical engineering, energy management, petroleum engineering, etc., can pursue an online MBA in Petroleum and Gas Management. Further, they can develop and enhance their knowledge in the related field. 
  • Students who want a petroleum and natural gas career should consider this MBA course.
  • Students who have problem-solving skills can find solutions to issues related to complex business challenges. 
  • Furthermore, students with strong communication and leadership qualities manage group projects, case studies, etc., should consider this online MBA course.
  • Students who can be adaptive to market trends, the latest technologies, and industry issues and find strategies to maintain them should opt for this course.

Online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas management will help students to develop and enhance their knowledge through the program. The program offered is in online mode so that students can learn from their homes with convenience. 

Further, the online program has provided various opportunities for students. Online learning is the platform that helps students eliminate all the issues that escaped them from growing in the educational field. 

ShikshaGurus Methodology of Curating Online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management 

ShikshaGurus is a website that helps students find online and distance learning courses from top Indian universities. Further, our team of experts includes only universities with UGC approval. Also, students can use the site to find information for an online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas management, compare the course from different universities, and choose the best option. A master’s degree in business administration focusing on oil and natural gas management is a great field with many job opportunities and chances to gain experience. ShikshaGurus has provided opportunities to students by merging all online and distant courses. They have mentioned various universities and their program. Moreover, students can easily seek and compare programs to one another through the website. 

Top Universities offering Online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas management 

Top Career Options after an Online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management

Completing an online MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management can prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in the energy industry, including:

Energy Analyst/Consultant

An Energy Analyst studies and predicts how much energy products will be needed and supplied in the market. Furthermore, they do in-depth research and analysis of energy markets. Such markets include renewable energy sources and natural gas, etc. They provide suggestions for financial strategies, cost reduction, and profit increase. Moreover, they understand energy policies and environmental steadiness. They also have proficiency in analysing data tools and software.

Project Manager

The work of a Project Manager is to manage projects related to petroleum and natural gas management. They oversee, plan, execute and complete several projects. Furthermore, they define the scope of projects, their objectives, and timelines. They also address delays or problems related to the project. Additionally, they must have communication skills to interact with stakeholders to manage conflicts and negotiate agreements. Moreover, they should have collaborative skills to maintain positive relations with project team members. 

Oilfield Sales Executives and Managers

Oilfield Sales Executives and Managers sell equipment and services and seek strategies to operate any organisation’s oil and gas sectors. Furthermore, they seek new opportunities to develop their business. They also maintain relations with possible customers for long-term cross-selling. Moreover, they provide training and mentorship for imparting product knowledge and techniques for sale. 

Risk Manager

A Risk Manager’s work is to manage energy project risks. They also find strategies and implement them to manage energy projects. After completing an online MBA in Petroleum & Natural Gas Management, some of the important tasks of risk managers is to evaluate production and transportation risks. Furthermore, they also manage risks associated with the environment, market risks, safety risks, etc. 

Sustainability Manager

The work of a Sustainability Manager is to manage strategies and decisions sustainably for the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, they manage social responsibility by considering various aspects. Such aspects include Interests in the local community and other stakeholders that might get affected by oil and gas activities. Moreover, they perform engagement activities to support economic development. Also, they must actively research and analyse the potential of energies and how to use them sustainably.

Maritime Services Managers

The work of the Maritime Services Manager is to handle the transport and logistics of petroleum and natural gas resources. Furthermore, they plan routes, shipments, and coordination with shipping companies. They also resolve issues like vessel accidents, cargo spills, maritime robbery, etc. Moreover, they effectively manage Maritime Services.

Supply Chain Manager

A Supply Chain Manager oversees supply chain activities for the production, transportation, and distribution of natural gas resources and petroleum. Furthermore, they plan strategies by keeping various aspects in mind. Such aspects include the demands of the market and the development of logistic strategies. 

Business Development Manager

The work of a Business Development Manager is to identify opportunities and strategies for the growth of any organisation to increase sales in the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, they stay updated on market trends and areas where the possibility of growth is higher. They manage relations with clients to maintain partnerships, collaborations, etc. 

Operations Manager

The work of an Operation Manager is to manage and oversee activities related to operations conducted in petroleum and natural gas management. Furthermore, they ensure safety, health, and environmental hazards remain controlled to minimise operations risks. Moreover, they have team management skills to provide training programs to other team members. 

Government and Policy Advisor

The work of a Government and Policy Advisor is to provide advice and build strategies for government agencies and policymakers associated with the natural gas and petroleum sectors. Moreover, they seek strategies to minimise environmental impacts and ensure resource extraction and its use. 

Research and Development Manager

The work of the Research and Development Manager is to analyse and research activities for the development of the petroleum and natural gas industry. Furthermore, they also provide resources for research and Development projects. They collaborate with research teams from institutes, universities, and technology to exchange techniques, ideas, and knowledge. 

Some more career options are Oil and Gas Extraction Firms, Energy Product Manufacturers, Educational Institutions, Waste Management Companies, Oil and Gas Consultancies, Oil and Gas Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers, Oil Well Sites, and Oil and Gas Refineries.

After completing an online MBA in Petroleum & Natural Gas Management, one can pursue one of these career opportunities. These are just a few examples of the many career options available to online MBA graduates specialising in Petroleum and Natural Gas. Additionally, if you wish to check other MBA programs, please click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management

The Average salary for a fresher after MBA in Petroleum Management salary is in between 8 lacs to 12 Lacs per annum.

Yes! MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management has a wide range of applications in diverse industries, making it a highly profitable field of study.

For a regular MBA in Petroleum Management, the course fees is in the range of 6 lacs to 12 lacs depending on the University you pursue it from. Whereas, for a Distance MBA or an Online MBA in Petroleum Management course fees is in the range 1.5 lacs to 4 lacs depending on the choice of University.

The Full Form of ONGC is Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

Students after completing this course get plenty of job options such as sales manager, gas analysts with an average package of more than 15 Lacs per year.



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