MBA in International Finance - 2023-24

MBA in International Finance is a 2-year post-graduate degree program. Further, the program teaches students to supervise, manage, evaluate, collect, invest, and use financial resources. Also, multinational companies need budget handlers due to the global economic crisis. Also, the program focuses on management, business, and entrepreneurship. Further, it seeks different aspects, like how to handle a business with risk management. To succeed in business, a person needs good skills, leadership qualities, critical thinking, solution-creating, logical reasoning, executing solutions, etc.

Further, all these positives are primary and will help a student to achieve a successful future. An MBA helps the student in developing these skills and more. An MBA in International Finance will provide a strong foundation in finance and accounting. Further, this Master’s program in Business Administration, combined with ACCA certification, will give you a solid perceptive of finance. Hence, it will lead you to manage finance for a business with a global presence successfully. A student will develop proficiency in reflecting creativity, evaluating investments, determining risks, negotiating, and improving ground-breaking strategies with this program. Also, multitasking skills and report-making skills are essential in this field. Further, it is vital that you become an expert and professional if you have a long-term plan to excel in the area of International Finance.


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After completing an MBA in international finance, there are several career options that you can explore. Here are the top 7 career options:

  1. Financial Analyst – Studies financial data and gives insights into global investment opportunities, budgeting, and forecasting.
  2. International Finance Manager – An International Finance Manager manages finances in a global company, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.
  3. Foreign Exchange Manager – A Foreign Exchange Manager manages a company’s foreign exchange risk exposure, including hedging and currency trading.
  4. Investment Banker – An Investment Banker advises corporations and governments on financial matters, underwrites securities, and facilitates mergers and acquisitions.
  5. Trade Finance Manager – A Trade Finance Manager manages finances related to international trade, including letters of credit, import/export financing, and currency hedging.
  6. Treasury Manager – A Treasury Manager manages a company’s cash flow and financial risks, including liquidity management and debt financing.
  7. Financial Controller – A Financial Controller manages a company’s financial reporting and compliance requirements, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

These are just a few examples of the many career options available with this specialization. The field is dynamic and complex, so staying up-to-date is essential.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in International Finance

For a regular MBA in International Finance, the fees is in the range 8 lacs to 18 lacs. However, for a Distance MBA or an Online MBA in International Finance, the fees is in the range of 2.5 lacs to 5 lacs depending on the University.

Yes, MBA in International Finance is an excellent choice to make for professionals who wish to work in the Finance world without the limitations of boundaries.

Some of the MBA in International Finance subjects Includes:

  • International Banking
  • International Money Market
  • Financial Globalization
  • Principles of Economics and Markets
  • Managerial Effectiveness & Ethics
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Organizational Behaviour & HRM

among others (Subjects might differ from university to university).

The salary for students from MBA International Finance depends on various factors, such as University reputation, skill-set of the candidate, company, the location and many other factors. However, a general estimate of the salaries of graduates of International Finance MBA graduates is mentioned below at different career levels –

Experience Salary Range (INR) in Lakhs per Annum
Freshers (0 years) 7 – 12 LPA
3 years experience 12 – 18 LPA
5 years experience 18 – 25 LPA
7 years experience 25 – 35 LPA
10 years experience 35 LPA and above (can be much higher for high-ranking roles in large organizations)

Furthermore, the role for graduates of MBA International Finance is not just limited to banks, but candidates also work in MNCs, consultancies, advisories and other such firms.

The worth of an MBA International finance course depends on multiple factors, most important being the candidates aspirations and career goals. However, lets discuss some of the benefits of a niche specialization like International Finance –

  • The skill-set of the candidate broadens immensely and is not just limited to Finance.
  • The candidates get a global perspective of Finance and how it works in other countries.
  • Increased job opportunities – The candidate job options increase from local job opportunities to global job opportunities
  • Candidates get a chance to travel the world and explore the culture of other countries they work in
  • The networking opportunities also increase as people pursuing this course would be working professionals from different career levels.

MBA in International Finance is a niche specialization for candidates who are looking for a global perspective of Finance. Further,in the current globalized world, candidates can work in multiple countries while still having the option to work for an MNC in India.

The scope of Global Finance is immense owing to the connectivity of businesses globally. Further, Indian companies dealing with MNCs or having their setup outside of India also hire a lot of candidates with International Finance background. Moreover, companies outside of India, setting up in India also look for candidates with such qualification. Thus, the scope for a specialization like International Finance increases manifolds.

Jain University Bangalore and Chitkara University from Punjab are some of the best options for MBA International Finance.




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