MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Businesses must adequately manage their logistics and supply chain operations in today’s fast-paced, always-changing economic environment. Further, a well-managed logistics and supply chain helps maintain a company’s growth and competitiveness. Due to the level of detail in the area, it requires experts with in-depth knowledge of logistics, supply chain and procurement. Further, the lscm professional should possess skills to meet problems head-on. The importance of earning an online MBA in logistics and supply chain management is helpful in many ways. It gives you the information and resources to succeed in this exciting logistics and supply chain management field.

You can obtain an excellent education to help you succeed in this challenging sector by earning an online MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Further, you will learn crucial subjects, including purchasing products, handling inventories, shipping, freight, warehousing, and international supply chain methods. 

Moreover, you will have an in-depth understanding of controlling the flow of products and services at different points. If you prefer a flexible learning option, you can opt for a correspondence online MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

However, studying ideas and concepts is only one aspect of it. An online MBA programme goes beyond promoting valuable skills. You can learn from learned faculties and industry experts from the business sector. Further, you also learn from case studies and real-life problems from Logistics and Supply chain experts. Further, this practical training will improve your critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making capacity. Making wise decisions that enhance supply chain and logistics operations will become second nature. Individuals who get degrees in supply chain management are better prepared to excel at managing the movement of goods from suppliers to customers.

Key Components and Functions

Gaining an online MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management also allows you to grow your professional network, which is a fantastic opportunity. You’ll get to chat and mingle with knowledgeable individuals and subject-matter experts. You can create a network of connections and establish enduring business relationships. These contacts may pave the way for the next employment prospects.

We discover certain significant components and tasks to consider when we look closely at logistics and supply chain management. These include getting the supplies we need for production, procurement, transporting goods from one location to another using vehicles like trucks, ships, or aeroplanes (transportation), storing and managing inventory to meet customer demands (warehousing), ensuring we have a sufficient amounts of goods on hand at all times (inventory management), predicting future demand from customers (demand forecasting), encouraging positive working relationships with our suppliers (supplier relationship). Each of these factors is important to ensure that everything goes properly, that we have what we need, and that our clients are happy.

Specialised Knowledge and Skills

You will develop specialised knowledge and skills tailored to this industry by pursuing an online MBA programme with a Logistics & Supply Chain Management concentration. Moreover, you will understand important subjects in-depth, including supply chain strategy, demand and capacity planning, risk management, putting lean concepts into practice, encouraging sustainability, and keeping up with developing technology through various courses. You have a competitive advantage in successfully handling issues in the real world because of this well-rounded education.

Industry Relevance and Need

In today’s global economy, there is a rising need for experts with knowledge in supply chain management and logistics. The need for competent managers in this industry continues to grow as companies attempt to improve their processes and make their supply chains more effective. In addition to improving your work customers, completing an online MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management also expands your options for employment. You might work in several industries, including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, transportation, and consulting. Because of the information and skills you acquire via this programme, you are in great demand in the job market. Pursuing an online MBA in Logistics Management provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage the difficult processes and operations of logistics in various industries.

Leadership and Strategic Decision-Making

Strong leadership and wise strategic decision-making are necessary to manage intricate supply chains successfully. An online MBA programme strongly emphasises helping you think critically, solve issues, and analyse situations. All of which are essential abilities in life. Moreover, you will learn how to make informed decisions, minimise risks, and develop creative strategies that support the organisation’s performance.

Collaboration and networking

An online MBA programme provides great opportunities for networking and collaboration. When you participate in the programme, you’ll get to know and socialise with various students and business leaders. Further, you can exchange thoughts and experiences and learn about industry best practices. The collaborative environment extends beyond the classroom, assisting you in developing trusting bonds that can advance your career and open up lifetime learning opportunities.

Best universities Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Various colleges are regarded as among the top in pursuing an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialising in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Here are a few noteworthy choices:

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ)

MUJ is one of the best online Universities in India. Manipal University Jaipur has an A+ grade from NAAC and has UGC and AICTE approvals for its online and regular courses. MUJ offers an online MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain which covers the LSCM field comprehensively.  

Symbiosis Center of Distance Learning (SCDL) Pune

SCDL offres distance learning MBA in Post graduation course in Logistics and Supply CHain Management. The course comes at a very reasonable price. Further, the brand name of Symbiosis adds a lot of weightage to the resume. 

Mizoram University

Mizoram University provides an economic INR 48,200 online MBA programme in logistics and supply chain management. Further, the institution offers a thorough curriculum and a supportive atmosphere for study.

Hindustan Online University, Chennai

An online MBA programme in logistics and supply chain management is available from Hindustan Online University in Chennai. Further, the institution offers a flexible online learning environment and a high-quality education for INR 1,20,000.

DY Patil University, Mumbai

Mumbai offers excellent opportunities for pursuing an online MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, as it is also known as a business hub. Mumbai’s DY Patil University provides an online logistics and supply chain management MBA programme. Strong industrial connections and chances for practical training are two things the institution has become known for. The programme fee is INR 1,60,000.

Vignan University, Andhra Pradesh

An online MBA programme in logistics and supply chain management is available at Vignan University in Andhra Pradesh at an affordable tuition of INR 90,000. Further, the institution focuses on practical education and exposes students to business.

Jain University, Bangalore

Jain University Bangalore provides an online MBA programme in logistics and supply chain management. Through case studies, internships, and business partnerships, the institution, which charges a tuition of INR 1,40,000, strongly emphasises practical education.

When pursuing an online MBA in Shipping and Logistics or an online MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management, it’s essential to consider the logistics course fees and the program’s overall value.

Career Options after Pursuing an Online MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

There is a great need for supply chain management and logistics experts due to India’s strong economy and expanding businesses. You can choose from many exciting job options in this dynamic industry.

Supply Chain Manager

Managing a supply chain is one possible job path. Online MBA graduates in this position manage the whole supply chain, ensuring that all parties—from suppliers to retailers—operate without problems. They put a lot of effort into creating effective logistics plans, maintaining vendor relations, and managing the amount of stock.

Procurement Manager

In this position, online MBA graduates are responsible for finding and procuring the products and services the company needs. In addition to developing procurement strategies and managing supplier relationships, they negotiate contracts and maintain cost-effectiveness and quality standards. 

Operations Manager

Another possible occupation is that of an operations manager. This position suits online MBA graduates with logistics and supply chain management knowledge. They manage the whole operational process to cut costs, increase productivity, and simplify operations. 

Logistics and Distribution Manager

Managers of distribution and logistics are another career option for online MBA graduates. They supervise the distribution, storage, and transportation of items along the supply chain in this capacity. They handle last-mile delivery, order fulfilment, warehouse management, and transportation. 

Let Shikshagurus guide you.

You can rely on the Shikshagurus website if you’re seeking the top institutions offering an online MBA in logistics and supply chain management. They have useful knowledge of academic programmes, such as online MBA specialisations. A list of institutions that provide MBA programmes in Logistics & Supply Chain Management is available on their website. You should consider topics like what they teach in their curriculum, how qualified their instructors are if they work with businesses, and what their former students have done. Shikshagurus provides rankings and ratings that aid your decision-making over the finest university.


In conclusion, a graduate with an online MBA in logistics and supply chain management is well-prepared to manage the intricate operations of supply chains. Graduates learn to face obstacles and drive success in the ever-changing corporate environment. Further, they have an in-depth understanding of logistics, strategic planning, and effective resource management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Yes, Logistics is a part of Supply Chain Management.

After MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management salary varies based on the University or College you complete your MBA from.

Normally for a fresher from a good University the salary ranges from 3 to 10 lacs.

Whereas, for an experienced professional with 2 to 5 years of experience the salary ranges from 8 to 18 lacs.

It all depends on the quality of the University and the education standards that help you learn.

Yes, MBA in Logistics is an excellent choice to make your career in.

In today’s global environment where company’s are not limited by boundaries, the role of Logistics and Supply Chain has increased a lot.

MBA logistics and supply chain management is a 2 Years Course in which you will gain knowledge and experience on logistics, supply chain, reverse logistics and reverse supply chain. Also, you will learn a lot about how to manage products, inventory, warehouses, etc.

Well if you are a fresher then you will get an average salary of 3 to 4 lacs per year. Further, with 4 to 5 years of experience, you can expect a salary of 8 – 12 lacs per year. Moreover, it all depends on the kind of University/college you pursue your graduation from. With top Universities, these packages double up.




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