The MBA in International Trade Management is an advanced business administration degree that teaches students how to study and integrate the operations of businesses in different countries and geographies. Also, in addition to the standard Business Administration curriculum, students will learn about purchasing, logistics, international advertising, globalization and sustainability. Further, this course also covers techniques for outsourcing, importing materials and exporting finished products. Moreover, it improves a person’s management and communication skills. Further, students will understand the complexities of international trade and business during the course. Also, MBA in International Trade Management, known worldwide, helps educate people about the international market and enables global business. Additionally, you can combine it with the MBA in International Business Logistics and Public Procurement and the MBA in International Business Logistics and Public Procurement.

The comprehensive course will cover important topics such as trade policies, capital exchange, and producing and sourcing goods and services. Also, you will acquire how to examine world exchange, capital trade, exchange development, approaches and systems at the provincial, public and worldwide levels.

ShikshaGurus Methodology of curating MBA in International Trade Management 

ShikshaGurus is a platform to help students find the best online and distance learning courses from top universities in India. Our team of experts and professionals handpicks universities, ensuring only those approved by the UGC are on the ShikshaGurus platform. Students can use our platform to access course details, compare them with similar courses offered by other universities, and ultimately choose the best-suited university from the available options. 

Top Universities offering MBA in International Trade Management 

Below is a list of top universities that offer MBA programs in International Trade Management

Career options after MBA in International Trade Management 

Students can pursue employment in various organizations and positions after completing the course. These are not the only options available; this is only a guide to some student options. 

  • Foreign Trade Zone Analysts: Help determine if a site qualifies as a foreign trade zone and assist with import analysis and audits. Managing the day-to-day operation of the FTZ. Foreign Trade Representative: They are in charge of increasing international trade in a specific region.
  • Global Trade Manager: They help in managing the global trade of the company
  • Market Research Executive: They research new approaches to solve problems in the export-import market to facilitate smoother trade.
  • Export Managers: They are in charge of the movement of goods between countries. In addition, they take care of the logistics of trading.
  • Business analysts specialize in international trade review domestic and foreign market data to develop strategic plans for foreign businesses.
  • Manager-International Business: Manage the company’s international operations and international business.
  • Business Development Manager: Identifies new business opportunities and cultivates long-term client relationships.
  • Policy analysts are in charge of researching and developing international norms, policies and developments.
  • Transport auditor: Audits, adjusts and manages transport accounts for foreign companies.

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