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An MBA in General Management is a 2-year degree for someone who wants to be skilled in multiple areas. If you have the confidence to manage several tasks in business, this program is the right step for you. Even if you do not attain expertise in one field, you will surely gain a bag full of experience in different sectors. The MBA in General Management focuses on more significant management issues and uses problem-solving and risk management skills to manage businesses. This program will help you achieve vast knowledge and open the doors to various fields of business.

The course offers various career-oriented skills that will help one to become an asset to the field of business. Any industry will have an advantage if they find employees with work experience in various sectors. The employee will achieve a higher pay scale according to their work experience. Also, the graduate will find a secure job in the long run. The MBA in General Management program teaches policy creation and implementation for big companies. Furthermore, candidates will learn to analyze and evaluate numerous sectors, along with this optimization of the firm and its ground-breaking crucial configuration. 


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  • Business Development Manager – The Business Development Manager is responsible for finding new business opportunities and developing strategies to help the business grow.
  • Marketing Manager – The Marketing Manager creates plans and strategies to advertise and promote the company’s products or services.
  • Human Resources Manager – The Human Resources Manager hires, trains, and manages employees. They also develop policies and procedures related to human resources.
  • Financial Analyst – A Financial Analyst analyzes financial data and provides recommendations for investments, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Operations Manager – The Operations Manager is responsible for supervising a business’s day-to-day operations and ensuring that all processes are efficient and effective.
  • Management Consultant – A Management Consultant offers advice and solutions to clients regarding business strategy, operations, and management.
  • Product Manager – The Product Manager supervises the developing and marketing of a particular product or group of products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in General Management

MBA General management covers subjects from all main specializations. MBA in general management is a course that students can pursue if they are undecided about the field they want to pursue as a career. Further, working professionals can also pursue this course if they wish to learn about other departments of the company.

Some of the MBA subjects include:

  • Principles of Management.
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Environment
  • Marketing Research
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills

among others

An MBA can be beneficial for a candidate’s career in many ways, such as –

  • Career Advancement
  • Skill Development
  • Salary increments
  • New career opportunities
  • You can change your career path by taking up a new area of specialization
  • Global perspective

A regular MBA fees ranges from from 6 lacs to 18 lacs depending on the University. However, a Distance MBA or an Online MBA the fees ranges between 60K to 4 lacs depending on the University.

The General Master in Business Administration is a 2 Year PG course. Further, as the name suggests it covers all aspects of Business management, such as Finance, HR, Marketing, and other core areas.

Yes, it is one of the famous streams in MBA. You get to learn about all core areas of management and then you can decide which specific field you want to make a career.

With an MBA in General Management, candidates get to learn about different specializations of MBA such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, and Strategy. Further, if you are a fresher and still in the deciding process, a General Management MBA gives you time to test waters and decide what area is best for you. Moreover, candidates with experience who are looking to change fields or want to learn and contribute towards other areas of business also pursue MBA General management.

The salary for students after completing MBA General management varies and depends on multiple factors such as University, skill-set of the candidate, company, size among other factors. However, a general estimate of the salary at different career levels of MBA General management candidate is mentioned below –

Experience Salary Range (in INR lakhs per annum)
Freshers (0 years) 6 – 12 lakhs
3 years exp 10 – 18 lakhs
5 years exp 15 – 25 lakhs
7 years exp 20 – 30 lakhs
10 years exp 25 – 40+ lakhs

While MBA in management and general management sound very similar, there is a big difference between the two specializations. While, in the management specialization students learn about how to manage a business, team, or projects, the general management specialization covers specializations such as Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations and strategy.




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