MCA in AI & Machine Learning

MCA in AI & Machine Learning 

MCA in AI & Machine Learning is a 2-year postgraduation program. The growth of the future lies in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence has the potential to drive global economic expansion. Also, artificial intelligence will change the nature of work and the relationship between man and machine. Furthermore, MCA programs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning focus on acquiring fundamental knowledge of linear algebra and statistics, which are the foundation of AI and ML.

The terms “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” (AI & ML) are used in the field of computer applications to aid in the development of intelligent systems or machines that can mimic human behaviour and thought. Depending on the data, it works with or without an explicitly designed program or machine algorithm. 

Online gaming, customer support with catboats, intelligent humanoids like Siri, and artificial intelligence work are some examples of AI applications. Moreover, machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that works with information derived from data. Machine learning helps predict and adjust things based on previous knowledge. It gives you online suggestions, organises images, figures out search results, and offers automatic tags.

ShikshaGurus Methodology of curating MCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

ShikshaGurus serves as a platform for students to discover a variety of online and distance education courses from highly NAAC-graded universities in India. Also, our team of experts and professionals carefully selects each university, ensuring that only those with UGC approval are present. Using our platform, students can access detailed information about their desired courses, compare them with similar offerings from different universities, and ultimately decide on the most appropriate institution. Further, students gain an edge in their initial employment and long-term career growth by completing the selected course. Further, they can pursue opportunities as data analysts, data scientists, or artificial intelligence engineers upon completion.

Top Universities offering MCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Here are some of the Top Universities offering Mba in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

  1. MCA in Machine Learning and AI from Amity University
  2. MCA in Machine Learning From Amity University

Top Career Options after MCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Pursuing an MCA in AI and ML leads to various job roles that can advance their knowledge, experience, and art of living.

  • Data Scientist:

Their primary focus is the development of successful market solutions and collecting, analyzing and interpreting data for conclusions and observations.

  • Engineer in Machine Learning:

Machine learning engineers have applications, language analysis, statistics, mathematics, and other skills. Further, building and leading self-service applications that advance AI projects involve engineers.

  • Research Scientist:

The salary of a research scientist is very high, and companies are looking for candidates with a strong background in AI. Also, it is abundantly clear that the value of researchers will remain the same in the next ten years.

  • Business Intelligence Developer:

In addition to AI, one must consider the market knowledge of the Business Intelligence Developer. Also, looking at large data sets, they find different market patterns.

  • AI Data Analyst:

To become an AI data analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science. Therefore, regression expertise and knowledge of Microsoft Excel are essential.

  • Big Data Engineering:

The Big Data Engineer is responsible for creating an environment that facilitates effective communication of business processes. Further, the position is ideal for individuals who like to experiment with cutting-edge technology. To work in AI, you must learn programming languages ​​like Python, R and Java.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer:

Artificial intelligence engineers who solve problems, develop, test and implement various artificial intelligence models. Also, you must obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree in statistics, computer science, or data science.

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