MBA in Strategy & Leadership - 2023-24

 The MBA in Strategy and Leadership is a specialized and individualized program. It is for students who want to become industry leaders, consultants and strategy experts. MBA in Strategy and Leadership will prepare students for leadership, management, and consulting roles.

You can manage mergers, investments, and alliances, develop organizational capabilities for long-term competitive advantage, and create or expand new products and services to meet technological and market changes. Also, to create and implement organizational and business strategies within the strategy.

The Leadership program will teach you how to manage individuals, groups and organizations. The skills you need to lead an organization well include executive leadership, creative decision-making, human resource management, team building, management consulting, negotiation and change management.

It combines with a functional area such as finance, marketing, or supply chain, concentrating on strategy and leadership. The course will prepare you for positions in strategic management and organizational leadership.

ShikshaGurus Methodology of curating MBA in Strategy and Leadership 

ShikshaGurus is a platform where students can find various online and distance learning courses from the best universities in India. Our team of experts and professionals carefully chooses all universities; only universities with UGC approval are on our platform. Using the platform, the student can get the desired course details. Afterwards, compare the course with similar courses offered by other universities and finally choose the best-suited university from the available options.

The program also focuses on areas such as finance, marketing, or supply chain; the strategy and leadership concentration will help prepare you for management and organizational leadership positions.

Top Universities offering MBA in Strategy and Leadership 

Some of the Top Universities offering MBA in Strategy and Leadership

  1. MBA in Leadership & Strategy from Manipal University, Jaipur (MUJ)
  2. MBA In Strategy and Leadership From Jain University, Bangalore

Top Career options after MBA in Strategy and Leadership 

An MBA in Initiative and Methodology opens ways to a wide variety of career paths. Further, a master’s degree in this field can prepare you for a career in management in various settings. Also, an MBA can also help students start their businesses. As a result, these students stand out from others.

Top management: Top leaders, such as chiefs and chief operating officers, are the top managers in their organization.

Financial Manager: Financial managers create financial strategies, investment forecasts and reports to ensure that their organizations remain profitable.

Human Resource Manager: Human asset managers act as arbitrators and liaisons between representatives and the board of directors with obligations such as hiring and termination, acquisition, and conflict resolution. MBA in Strategy and Leadership helps you to become an HR too.

Management Analyst: Businesses hire management analysts, also known as consultants, to evaluate workplace effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement.

Administrative Services Manager: Administrative services managers coordinate office facilities and activities such as information filing and retrieval and general office maintenance, among other things.

Benefits and Compensation Manager: Compensation and benefits managers help employees organize and pay payroll, taxes and pension plans on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - MBA in Strategy & Leadership

For a regular MBA in Strategy & Leadership the course fees ranges from 7 lacs to 18 lacs depending on the University you choose to pusruse your MBA from. Further, for a Distance MBA or an Online MBA in Strategy & Leadership the course fees ranges from 1.5 lacs to 4 lacs depending on the University you choose.

Yes! A focus on strategy and leadership equips individuals for high-level leadership roles that demand data-driven decision-making roles.

MBA Leadership and Strategy is a course for people who wish to be leaders or part of the strategy and planning team. Further, the specialization has immense potential in terms of salaries for people with some experience. However, freshers can also pursue this course and acquire the skills they will need in the future.

The salary varies based on multiple factors such as University, skill-set, geographic location, company size among other factors. However, an estimated salary for professionals at different levels is mentioned below –

Experience Level Average Salary Range (INR)
Fresh Graduate 10 – 20 lakhs
3-5 years 20 – 30 lakhs
5-7 years 30 – 50 lakhs
7+ years 50 lakhs – 1 crore+

MBA in Leadership and management is a 2 years advanced program where you will learn about various aspects of management, strategy and leadership.

Leadership roles are taken by people with experience. Normally, in good MNCs, the salaries of Managers starts from 20 to 30 lacs. Moreover, there is no upper limit for the salary professionals draw in leadership roles.

With an MBA in Strategy a student learns how to effectively plan, design, implement and oversee strategic initiatives in an organization. Furthermore, professionals with this role normally take up leadership roles in an organization and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the organization.

An MBA in Strategy and Leadership teaches students how to strategize and plan along with leadership skills. Any graduate with such qualities will be an asset to the company they work for. Some of the key benefits of pursuing an MBA in Strategy and Leadership are as follows –

  • Comprehensive Skill Set
  • Career Advancement
  • High Earning Potential
  • Versatility
  • Consulting Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial Advantage
  • Holistic Business Understanding
  • Problem-solving Abilities

Strategy and planning is one of the most important part of a leaders job. Further, with an MBA in Strategy professionals learn how to strategize and plan more effectively. However, whether the MBA strategy is “worth it” or not depends on the individual and their career goals, and aspirations.

Furthermore, if you are looking to get into leadership roles that require extensive strategizing and planning then it would be worth it.




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