MCA in Data Analytics

The MCA in Data Analytics is a 2-year postgraduate program. The program aims to teach students how to use data to make better decisions at all levels of their businesses. Various features like size, speed, and accuracy produce massive data in social media and online businesses. In our competitive world, companies are using simple tools. Further, these tools help them understand hidden strategies, decisions, and trends. This understanding leads to great results.

Furthermore, the MCA in Data Analytics teaches you that decision-making involves art (utilizing your experience and gut feeling) and science (analyzing data) in the current complicated business world. Moreover, this course focuses on the latest tools and methods for managing information and organizational techniques to gather, organize, and handle data efficiently.

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Top Universities Offering MCA in Data Analytics

Here are some of the Top Universities offering MCA in Data Analytics

  1.  MCA in Data Analytics (Accredited by IoA, UK) from Jain University, Bangalore

Top Career Options after MCA in Data Analytics

Today, businesses across the globe are eager to adopt the latest data technology. Also, they are discovering a limited amount of required expertise, and this insufficiency continues to increase. Therefore, students who can analyze and diagnose data while understanding it and its problems are most likely to receive job offers and benefits. Hence, degree holders of an MCA in Data Analytics can receive job offers like:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

A Business intelligence analyst transforms data into valuable insights, which improves the company’s worth by guiding its decisions and plans. Using data analytics, data modelling, and data visualization techniques, they find patterns and trends in company data to identify and address areas of potential revenue loss.

  • Data analyst

In the past few years, the role of a data analyst has gained much popularity and has become a highly desired career choice. Further, a data analyst typically takes data from a company’s database, uses programming skills to analyze it, and presents the findings to a broader audience daily.

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientists collect, study, and present data in a format that is more user-friendly and easier to understand. Hence, degree holders of an MCA in Data Analytics can pick Data Scientists as a career option.

  • Data Quality Analyst

A data quality analyst ensures the information is correct, comprehensive, and uniform. Also, they establish and follow data quality standards.

  • Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for caring for and safeguarding the vital databases of companies and organizations. Furthermore, they ensure the maintenance and security of these databases from potential harm or threats.

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