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    Last Updated on June 17, 2023

    Career Counseling: A Brief Online Guide

    After years of dedication and school education, choosing the right stream which leads to a successful career is equally important and haunts us at the same interval. As career options are increasing, the help of an expert can make your work easier in choosing so. Career Counseling can help you to choose a stream as per your skills and interest. This brief online guide on career counseling will help you make the right choice

    What Is Career Counseling?

    Career consultation aims at group discussion or one-on-one interaction with an expert who can guide us to choose the right career.

    It includes dealing with the various career options, managing, handling, and dealing with issues related to the career. Career consultation helps to do a self-analysis and self-assessment.

    How Important Is Career Counseling For Students?

    In present-day life, career options are rapidly increasing. Therefore, consultation has become a crucial part. Students look for counseling and guidance at the stage where they complete their grade 10 and later 12. After completing the studies, one looks for job counseling. This scenario takes place due to the lack of guidance, social pressure, multiple career choices, and much more. All these factors are co-dependent to reach at a height of professionalism. Therefore to calm your satisfaction, happiness, and self-efficiency, Job counseling is an important aspect. 

    Seek Career Counseling And Guidance From ShikshaGurus

    Career consultation helps to widen the range of choosing the right career. If you are puzzled about choosing the right career option for you then let ShikshaGurus experts help you in the best possible way.

    How Can ShikshaGurus Help You Make The Right Choice?

    ShikshaGurus expert helps an individual deal with the issues related to their career. Our counselors work on the complete evaluation of your interests so that you may get the desired stream. 

    So Many Career Options But Don’t Know What To Choose? Compare & Choose The Best!

    Choosing a career option is a tedious job. Therefore you can compare and choose it wisely. Here is a list of things that can help you in choosing the right career option

    • Compare your daily activity, skills, and interests
    • Mark your potential for learning
    • Compare and make up a goal
    • Go for a personality test
    • Check out career options depending on job satisfaction, goal, work, and personal life balance, requirements, etc.
    • Consult a counselor
    • Believe and keep faith in your decision

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    Counseling and guidance are provided by experts to budding professionals and students who are mesmerized by a lot of career options. Taking the help of a counselor makes the work smooth.


    1. What is the right time to get counseling and guidance?

    The right time to approach a career counselor depends upon each individual. Mostly, after completing grade 12, one needs counseling to choose a stream and college.

    1. Do you think that career consultation works?

    Sometimes it becomes tough to choose a career. Therefore, career counseling helps to analyze the needs, skills, desires, and fit in the career option which leads to your growth.

    1. Is it right to choose career counseling?

    To understand the aspect of your future, career counseling is always worth it. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, Understanding and confidently sharing your own goals can be facilitated with the help of this.

    Yes, Career counseling sessions can aid individuals at any point in their life to comprehend or establish current and future career objectives.

    Yes, Career counselling is a profession that offers the opportunity to work with a diverse range of individuals, including students, parents, graduates, young professionals, and mid-career professionals seeking a career change.

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