Full form of BA? And All You Need To Know

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    Full form of BA? And All You Need To Know

    The full form of BA is a bachelor of arts; A Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a three-year degree that is presented at an undergraduate level. Moreover, a student who wants to hold a Bachelor of Arts degree can focus on multiple subjects like English, History, Geography, Political Science, and many more. Also, you can pursue a BA Hons program or a BA course in the general program according to your wish on the basics of the marks obtained in your 12th board examination. BA course has eligibility criteria on the 10th and 12th pass with a minimum of 50%. 

    How Long Does It Take To Complete BA?

    From a BA university, it will take around 3 years to finish the official course. Also, it depends on whether you will be able to attend the course full-time or part-time. Overall, 3 years is a very common and general time to complete the BA degree course. It is also flexible, allowing you to manage family, work, and studies. 

    Different Types of Specializations In BA Degree

    The BA university course provides you with various specializations such as History, Political science, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy to English.

    Would It Be Worth It To Pursue BA (Full form Bachelor of Arts)?

    Yes. Having a BA degree is more than just a thing to mention on your resume. Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts is a major educational investment that will help you grow personally and benefit you in a long run. Also, it is having a higher salary potential than other fields with a lower unemployment rate. Secondly, it is having minimum credentials. 

    Top Universities For Offline, Distance, and Online BA (Full form Bachelor of Arts)

    1. Manipal University, Jaipur
    2. Jain University, Bangalore
    3. Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
    4. Vignan University, Andhara Pradesh
    5. Hindustan Online University
    6. Bhartidasan University
    7. Dr. MGR University
    8. Lovely Professional University

    Career Options After Completing A Bachelor of Arts 

    You can opt for multiple career options from Human Psychology to dealing with human emotions, stress, and health complications. Also, you can explore the earth through geography, ancient history, and a variety of other options and grab job opportunities like a historian, geologist, physiologist, etc. You can also do language specializations like English, French, Hindi, etc. Indeed, a career in journalism will get you top jobs through your BA degree.

    How To Find A Suitable BA Program?

    Depending on your needs or situation you can easily pick any type of BA program. From regular full-time to online BA and distance BA programs. Moreover, an online BA is helpful for those who are working as well as want to study at the same time. 

    Let ShikshaGurus Help You Decide The Right Course For You

    If you are confused about whether to pursue an online BA or any kind, of course, then ShikshaGurus is here to help and guide you through choosing the right career path. With a reliable counseling session, ShikshaGurus helps individuals pick the best course for themselves for a better future. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    BA stands for Bachelor of Arts.

    No, BA still is a three year course.

    Yes, BA is an excellent choice to make your career in different fields.

    Still Confused about which University is best for you ?

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