Myths And Misconceptions About Online And Distance Education

Myths and Misconceptions about online and distance education busted in this tpic

Myths And Misconceptions About Online And Distance Education

While taking admission, many students prefer offline education to online and distance education. It is due to many myths and misconceptions about the quality of online and distance education courses in India. However, many colleges and universities are now promoting online courses and this mode of learning is increasing drastically. In this blog, we will be sharing 8 common myths that students must know before taking admission to any course. Let’s begin: 

1. Myth: Online or Distance education is not as good as traditional education

This myth is not valid. In an online study, the student has access to learn at his own pace. You get online lectures, doubt sessions, and record lectures that can be studied at your convenient time. 

2. Myth: Online or Distance learning is not as rigorous as regular education

An online program like a Mba distance education is equally rigorous as regular education. Most students actually find online learning tough and challenging.

3. Myth: Online courses are not credible

Accredited online degree courses are equally credible as a regular study program. You should select distance learning courses wisely. A credible online learning course is one that is recognized and approved by local and national universities with educational standards. 

4. Myth: Online courses don’t prepare you for the real world

Online courses let students build a set of most valued professional skills and talents that are demanding in today’s real world. 

5. Myth: Students with a high level of intelligence can only succeed at distance learning

Not true! Each student’s level of intelligence is different from others. You get equal support in terms of subject material, lectures, and doubt-clearing sessions. And hence, all students can do Online Education successfully. 

6. Myth: Distance learners are not as motivated as students in regular classes

Motivation comes from within. If you are motivated as a student and are a keen learner, both distance and regular classes are equally interesting. 

7. Myth: Students cannot study anytime as all the study material is available online.

Students do have study flexibility, but due to exam schedules, you get pre-defined times to study and appear for exams. 

8. Myth: A distance education degree will not help you get a good job.

As per a study almost 86% of online learners are said to get a high-paying job that is equal to or more than the cost they paid to learn it. 


Online learning is the new normal! Distance learning is now equally credible and important as regular education. We hope, now you have a much clear idea about online learning. Follow for more interesting posts!


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