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    Are you looking for the top 5 online courses in India? Well, the present trend of online education has brought a wave of learning with flexibility. Also, day by day, an enormous number of courses are getting introduced. Moreover, the students are so much in favour of learning with a single click. But choosing the right course is a challenging task. Luckily, ShikshaGurus is here to help you out! Further, we can guide you in deciding the best online courses in India. 

    What Are Online Courses? Types Of Online Courses?

    Online education has brought a lot of changes in ancient trends. The development in the field of online education is massive. With the advancement in technology, an enormous difference has come about. Further, Online education happens through a network connection and an electronic device available at the student’s place. 

    The online programs are diploma, degree, certificate, and school level. Moreover, the students get the study material through video lectures, journals, audio-visuals, e-books, PDFs, PPTs, articles, etc.

    Further, there are four types of online courses:

    • Degree Course
    • Certificate Course
    • Diploma Course
    • Courses without Certification

    What Are The Benefits Of Taking Online Courses in India?

    Online education has brought a vibe of learning comfortably. Further, everyone prefers to enhance skills and knowledge while doing other activities. Therefore, online courses with certificates are more important. Hence, joining an online class gives you numerous benefits. Therefore, below mentioned are a few:

    • Convenient
    • Flexible
    • Time-saving
    • Personal attention from the teacher
    • On the spot doubt clearing
    • Money saving
    • Enhance self-discipline
    • Instant query solving

    What Should You Look For When Choosing An Online Course?

    While choosing online education mode, look for the following things and ensure that online education has a bright future. Many universities claim they provide online courses with certificates, but opting for the right one is crucial.

    Therefore, here are the benefits of choosing online courses:

    • Your interest in the subject
    • Acknowledge your skills and strength
    • Value of the course
    • Location
    • Affiliation with the university
    • Curriculum
    • Evaluation policy
    • Tenure of the course
    • Costing
    • The reputation of the institution
    • Facilities offered

    Top 5 Online Courses in India That Have High Job Opportunity

    Online courses are the most trending academic mode. Many youngsters and working professionals are enrolling in online learning mode. Due to this trend, job opportunities have also increased. Therefore, here are the five courses that have significant opportunities:

    • Web Developer Course
    • Artificial Intelligence Course
    • Data analytics Courses
    • Digital Marketing Course
    • Cyber security Course

    Also, considering that India is on a positive growth trajectory (Source – Economic Times), and employment will get a boost, it makes sense to upskill or pursue an online degree course while still working.

    Let ShikshaGurus Guide You In Choosing The Right Path

    Are you looking for online courses with certificates? Do you have any doubts? Get in touch with ShikshaGurus experts today! Moreover, we would love to advise you on the best budget-friendly course per your skills and interest.


    Online courses in India are in great demand. Also, students can take up online courses globally with no geographical boundaries. Further, keeping these aspects in mind helps to develop the policy of online education courses.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, Online MBA worth it. Further, a working professional can pursue the course without leaving their job. Also, top Universities offer Online MBA for which the price of the MBA is at a fraction of the cost compared to the regular MBA.

    Online courses fees varies from course to course. Further, there are many UG and PG courses available from top Universities. The course fees varies from course to course and also changes based on the specialization you opt for.

    Some online courses can be free, but most of them are paid.

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