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    In India, an MBA through distance learning has been, is, and always will be popular. A benchmark degree, such as an MBA, is required by the requirements that periodically surface. Students, future professionals, business owners, and even professionals constantly work to improve or include their education on their resumes. Further, working professionals can’t attend conventional classes since they don’t have the time; thus, remote learning, i.e. distance learning MBA curriculum, is the best choice. A distance learning MBA is cost-effective and allows students to study at their preferred time. Further, in India, the enrolments for Distance Learning and Online Learning are growing rapidly (Source – Times of India). Thus showing the future of education.

    This article will discuss the Best University For Distance learning MBA; read below to discover more. 

    Below are the Best MBA Colleges In India: – 

    DY Patil Distance Learning MBA

    The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programme is the best and most esteemed professional MBA program created to help students build the skills necessary for successful careers in management and business. Through the MBA programme offered by DY Patil Vidyapeeth, candidates will acquire the required abilities, information, and attitude via distance learning or online learning. DY Patil Distance Learning MBA course has a lot to offer. 

    The UGC has authorized the MBA programmes offered by DPU COL, and they are delivered online so that students can acquire their postgraduate management degree without the hassles of a full-time MBA programme. With the help of the online MBA programme offered by DPU-COL, empower yourself by advancing your career. Students will benefit from this Distance Learning MBA’s assistance in learning the essential concepts, conventions, and trends related to their field of specialism. 

    • Eligibility– A Bachelor’s degree in any field earned from an accredited university. Minimum of 50% overall, or 45% for candidates under a designated category.
    • Duration– 2 Years

    Gla University Distance Learning MBA 

    The Distance Learning MBA at GLA University is an extensive and adaptable course of study. Further, the Distance MBA gives students the information, abilities, and strategic outlook necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment. The Distance Learning MBA offers a firm grounding in all vital business administration topics, giving students a comprehensive understanding of numerous functional fields like finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and strategy. Moreover, Gla University MBA placements are top-notch, too. 

    The faculty of the Distance Learning MBA comprises eminent academics and seasoned business people, making it one of its distinctive qualities. Further, these renowned professors bridge the gap between theory and practice by bringing real-world insight to the classroom. The collaborative and inclusive learning atmosphere that GLA University promotes encourages students to interact and learn from their classmates actively. 

    • Eligibility– Candidates must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any stream, at least three years in length, from an accredited university with at least 50% overall.
    • Duration– 2 Years 

    Hindustan University Online MBA

    The online/Distance Learning MBA degrees catalyze your career progress and are equivalent to a traditional two-year programme. Further, they currently offer over seven popular specializations. Moreover, the Distance MBA prepares future business leaders to control the corporate sector. Students may study the specialized modules of the MBA program at their convenience and pace. Why go anywhere else when Hindustan University Online MBA is here to cater to all your needs? 

    You can create your flexible learning strategy with CODE’s online/Distance Learning MBA. Further, you can choose from various options to make things easier, including online weekend classes, pre-recorded video lessons, and placement aid at reputable businesses. Moreover, all of their courses combine academic and practical knowledge and are outcome-based hybrids. They create MBAs to meet your needs and prepare you for success in your desired career.

    • Eligibility– Any discipline-specific graduate or Bachelor’s degree holder from an accredited university with an overall score of at least 50% is eligible to apply. The percentage of pupils who fall under the reserved category has been lowered to 45% overall as part of an inclusive strategy.
    • Duration– 2 Years

    Mizoram University Online MBA

    Mizoram University is one of the best universities in the country, not just in the northeast. Moreover, Mizoram University is a Central Govt University. Further, since its establishment in 2001 with a parliamentary act, Mizoram University offers students a stimulating and inviting academic atmosphere. Also, the university provides experience and professional training for all-around growth, giving students more possibilities for their academic and professional endeavours. Mizoram University Online MBA is one of the best places for distance MBA.  

    The Online/Distance Learning MBA at Mizoram University carries the same weight as other MBA programmes. Further, you get a Post Graduate Degree from Mizoram University after the course completion. Moreover, the Mizorman Online/Distance Learning MBA degree is acknowledged domestically and internationally. 

    • Eligibility– Graduates in any field are eligible. Last-year graduate students are also eligible to apply. 
    • Duration– 2 Years

    Uttaranchal University Dehradun Online/Distance Learning MBA

    They created the MBA program to meet the demands of business and industry and help aspiring managers achieve their goals. Further, managers must be wise, compassionate, and flexible to manage their internal and external surroundings. Moreover, they must be determined, flexible, and well-versed enough to research new markets and opportunities. They must offer realistic, workable solutions to a variety of challenging issues. Due to the complexity of operations, generalists and specialists with expertise in specific fields, including finance, human resources, international business and marketing, retail, and event management, are required. Uttaranchal University Dehradun MBA is considered a good choice for this purpose. 

    The academic climate of Uttaranchal University promotes creativity, success, intellectual rigour, and excellence that is pertinent to the requirements of both public and private sector organizations. Students who want to work for corporations, financial institutions, or multinational companies can fulfil their goals and aspirations by enrolling in their MBA programme. 

    • Eligibility– The applicant should be a graduate. With a valid MAT/ CAT/CMAT/XAT/UU Entrance Test Score/Percentile, the minimum score for the general category is 50%, and the minimum score for the SC/ST category is 45%.
    • Duration– 2 Years 

    Vignan University Online/Distance Learning MBA

    With Vignan Online, they have set a higher standard for providing instruction to students and how it is accepted. Online/Distance Learning MBA emphasize moral principles and social responsibility and provides top-notch education through innovation, a diverse curriculum, and knowledgeable instructors. Vignan University Online MBA is indeed a fantastic option. 

    With their many online/Distance Learning MBA electives, they offer top-notch educational programmes and support training and research initiatives. Further, Vignan also puts much effort into fostering student leadership and entrepreneurship and developing industrial interactions. Also, Vignan contributes to society’s social, economic, and technological advancement through various electives in an online MBA. Their reasonably priced Online MBA program provides the necessary exposure for students to assume leadership positions in the commercial and corporate worlds. 

    • Eligibility– The applicant needs to have 60% in B.Tech. or 55% in any Bachelor’s Degree with an ICET score of 500 or above or a minimum percentile of 70% in the CAT. They will hold a written examination for Bachelor’s degree holders who have yet to take an entrance exam. Identical to I-CET’s written test syllabus, Written test, group discussion, and personal interview qualifications.
    • Duration– 2 Years

    Online MBA Manipal University

    Manipal University’s online/Distance Learning MBA will enable you to stand out as a leader in today’s cutthroat business environment. Further, students can choose from 13 electives focusing on careers, including HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, International Business, and Analytics and Data Science, to build successful career trajectories in the fields and industries of their choice. Online MBA Manipal University is here for the rescue. Further, without leaving your employment, gain knowledge from reputable academics, benefit from first-rate placement support, and connect with global business leaders.  

    The 2-year, 4-semester Online/Distance Learning MBA (Masters of Business Administration) programme at Manipal Online University is a postgraduate degree programme. The online Manipal MBA aims to offer a foundational study of management and a thorough comprehension of business sense, administrative abilities, and marketing competence to put academic and practical knowledge into practice. 

    • Eligibility– Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 10 + 2 + 3 years of study from an accredited institution or an equivalent degree recognized by the Association of Indian Universities. Candidates must have at least 50% overall in their undergraduate degree programme (45% for reserved categories). 
    • Duration– 2 Years

    The Bottom Line

    An online/Distance Learning MBA is legitimate and offers several benefits over traditional courses. It includes flexible study schedules and a learn-from-anywhere option that allows students to meet their job and personal obligations. Through this flexibility, people can advance at their own pace and ensure a balanced approach to education. Convenience is also another significant benefit of an online MBA. Students who enrol in online programmes can access the course materials, lectures, and assignments from anywhere. Doing away with the need to commute to a physical campus saves essential time and energy. For people with hectic schedules or other responsibilities, the convenience component of online MBA programmes is exceptionally advantageous. 

    Students who cannot attend regular campus programs owing to other commitments may benefit from a distance learning MBA because it enables them to gain business knowledge and abilities. However, success in a distance learning setting necessitates self-control and time management. Distance MBA programs might occasionally be more affordable than conventional ones when considering expenses like travel and lodging. One should base the decision to pursue a Distance MBA on their specific goals and circumstances.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Distance Learning is a mode of education in India, where students can pursue their graduation or post graduation while still working.

    Many good Universities offer MBA in Distance Learning mode. Some of them are –

    1. Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning (SCDL Pune)
    2. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
    3. Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU)

    and many more

    Many Universities in India offer Online MBA courses. Some of the top Universities offering Online MBA are –

    1. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ Online) – NAAC Graded A+
    2. Jain University Bangalore – NAAC Graded A++
    3. Lovely Professional University (LPU) – NAAC Graded A++
    4. Amrita University – NAAC Graded A++

    And many more

    Still Confused about which University is best for you ?

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