What is Digital University | Is It The Future Of Education?

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    What is Digital University: Is It The Future Of Education?

    Digital University has brought a great revolution since their name revolves around the academic circle and students. In 2022, the Union government has taken a great initiative in the national Budget 2022 and NEP (New Education Policy). In the coming years, digital education is going to achieve a height in the field of education. Let’s check it out in detail.

    What Is Digital University And How Do They Work?

    “Digital University” is a university, which functions thoroughly via digital mode. It involves learning as well as teaching processes in the digital mode through ICT measures (electronic and digital measures).

    The digital university is similar to online educational courses. Whereas the difference is that the digital university is a fully Centralized University that provides numerous courses for higher education.

    A wide range of digital courses are available in numerous formats:

    • Certificate Courses
    • Degree Courses
    • Diploma Courses,

    Therefore, a digital university is an amalgamation of various educational bodies like; open distance learning, Edtech, and university’s online learning.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Universities

    Advantages Disadvantages
    Provides a variety of learning styles More Screen Time
    Good attendance Teacher training
    Economical Internet connectivity Issue
    Efficient learning methods Feeling of Isolation
    Easy accessibility of time and place

    How To Get Admission To A Digital University?

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    Government’s Initiatives 

    Presently, in the National Budget for 2022, the idea has been introduced. Various educational bodies are working on this idea for a great future for Indian students. The below-mentioned initiatives that are taken

    • The Department of Education has proposed the idea of a digital Indian best university with immediate effect after discussing it with educational bodies like AICTE, UGC, and others.
    • PM Narendra Modi has put forward the idea of the digital university as an “act of parliament”.
    • UGC has also planned to create a modified version of the online education system.
    • The government of India has also put forward the idea of collaboration with numerous institutions through which online education can be easily availed by students.
    • Through this mode, the government wants to make an easy step for remote areas and underdeveloped areas.


    • Internet connectivity and access in remote and underdeveloped areas
    • Time given by the student for hearing a lecture
    • Effective delivery of lectures 
    • Effect on the other modes of education (Offline, Online, Distance Education)
    • Mainstreaming Distance and Online Education
    • Availability of Gadgets for online education

    Let ShikshaGurus Guide You In Choosing The Right Path

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    Hope this blog helped you with details on what is digital university. Well, establishing a university of this nature is not an easy job, considering all the factors that are involved. It’s for sure that such universities have a bright future. Students and working professionals can unhesitantly take admission to online courses.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, Online degree is valid just like any other degree in India.

    Online education is good for both students and working professionals.

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