Difference Between Online and Distance Education

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    What Is The Difference Between Online and Distance Education?

    This post provides a comprehensive overview of the differences between Online and Distance education in India, and delves into the nuanced implications this carries for students and educators alike. Online education learning is all about taking the course in an online medium. Whereas distance learning does not require the student to take classes regularly.

    Here are five key differences between Online and Distance Education in India:

    1. Interaction

    In online learning, the teacher and students can interact in person. Therefore, online education learning is as effective as offline learning. The difference is all learning processes happen in an online mode.

    In distance learning, there is no face-to-face communication between teachers and students. Importantly, here the students rely on electronic means of communication. For example, messaging apps, video calls, social media, etc.

    2. Intention 

    The first advantage of online over distance education, classes can be conducted regularly. The teacher can teach just like the students in the class. Hence, all assignments and projects can be given regularly. It’s a different method to change things up in the classroom. And give the students a range of learning opportunities.

    Secondly, distance learning is a process of providing knowledge completely online. Therefore, it is available only for regular courses that the institute offers.

    3. Course Duration

    Duration-wise, distance education courses and online learning courses are no different. What makes the distinction between them is the quality of education they provide. In this regard, the duration that the student spends in attending classes is where the major difference lies.

    A student enrolled in a distance education course may not need to attend classes during the entire duration of their course. However, in the case of online degree programs, depending on the university, there may be classes scheduled on the weekend that the student is  required to attend, or they may have the option to watch recorded classes. Importantly, online learning courses can range from 2 hours to 8–9 weeks. 

    4. Location Difference 

    With online learning, students can talk with an instructor in a virtual classroom. Importantly in the case of distance learning, candidates complete their assignments online. And the teacher digitally checks them. Another advantage of online learning is that it is more participatory. It is similar to a typical classroom conversation. Though both have similar geographical and distance restrictions, there is one main difference. With distance learning, students are self-taught.

    5. Cost Difference

    Online degree programs are comparatively more expensive than distance education courses, but cheaper than the traditional classroom program. Online Degree programs are considered to have a greater value than distance education and are the same as the traditional classroom program. 

    In online learning degree programs the faculties that offer the courses are the same faculties that teach the courses at the physical campus. Whereas, in distance education the courses the students are mostly self taught.

    The cost of an online degree program is generally one third to one fourth of the original full-time courses taught at the campus, while still getting the same quality of education. 

    To Conclude (Differences between Online and Distance education)

    Online learning programs have high value due to the mentioned points. It is more practical and provides regular exposure to the course. Distance education is more appropriate for people who do not have to attend classes. Hence, both have their advantages and are worthy to pursue. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, Online degree is valuable for students as well as for working professionals.

    Fees for online courses vary from course to course.

    No, Online & Distance education are not same.

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