Why Choose BCA instead of BSC IT?

This blog post details why to choose bca over bsc it.

Why Choose BCA instead of BSC IT?

IT sector has a great scope and a bright future. Hence, the need for computer programmers has also increased. Many students choose a degree in computer sciences. BCA and BSC IT are popular programs in the field of computer science. There is a massive dilemma among students regarding which degree to choose, BCA or BSC IT. Both BCA and BSC IT have their benefits and opportunities. Still, BCA is selected over a BSC IT degree. Let us understand the reason behind it – 

Overview Of The Programs

So let’s really get into the specifics of why we should choose BCA over BSC IT. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. Whereas BSC IT stands for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. But, BSC IT is more suitable for research. 

  • BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications 

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate degree with 6 semesters. The main focus is studying the application of computers. It includes learning various programming languages like C, and C++, website designs, computer graphics, Java, Python, database management systems, data analytics, and operating systems. Students who will opt for this course should be comfortable with basic mathematics and statistics.

  • BSC IT – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

BSc courses are also a three-year undergraduate degree with 6 semesters. It focuses on basic concepts of IT, databases, and networking. Hence, it is more of a conceptual degree. Firstly, you will be learning about software development, computer networking, web design, software testing, and project management. Secondly, BSc courses are great if you want a career in teaching and research. Therefore, BCA provides better professional exposure when compared to BSC IT. 

Job Opportunities

When compared, BCA graduates have better job opportunities. This is because they are prepared to work in the corporate field. Most software companies choose BCA graduates over BSC IT graduates, they hire more BCA graduates. BSC graduates are less likely to be hired. This is because they still need training and experience to work professionally. 

  • Job Roles for BCA Graduates 

The common careers for a BCA graduate are – Software developer, programmer, website designer, game tester, technical support, network administrator, system manager, and software tester. 

  • Job Roles for BSC IT Graduates 

The common job roles for BSC IT graduates are – Programmer, information security analyst, research scientist, project manager, system analyst, database administrator, and network architect. 

To Conclude – Why Choose BCA over BSC IT

Both courses BCA and BSC IT are very similar. But still, they have enough differences to make one better. A Bachelor of Computer Applications is the right course for someone wanting a corporate career. It is considered to be more of a professional course when compared. Therefore, a BCA degree is a better choice. Our opinion – Choose BCA over BSC IT.


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