DY Patil University Pune is a UGC approved and NAAC graded A++ University.
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DY Patil University, Pune (DPU)

Online Program

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care

INR 35,000 (1/2 Sem), 30,000 (3/4 Sem)
NAAC Grade
NAAC Graded A++
UGC Approval
UGC Approved
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Online MBA Hospital & Healthcare DY Patil University (DPU) Pune

An Online MBA in Hospital Administration and Healthcare from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

An online MBA in Hospital & Healthcare from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, is an extensive two-year post-graduation program. This program is offered to you online. Hence, you can take it from anywhere in the world. The program provides professional help throughout the course. Also, during the program, the faculties teach you in a systematic way of learning about hospital healthcare facilities. This program will help you achieve practical knowledge and professional support in improving skills such as Planning, Problem-Solving, for a hospital or a medical facility.     Besides, you can attain competitive benefits and increase many chances in addition to a well-paid job with a recognized hospital or a healthcare facility. Even if you have post-gradation degrees, you can consider an online MBA in Hospital Administration to boost your resume and knowledge. The perks of pursuing an online MBA in Hospital & Healthcare can include a wide array of benefits and opportunities. The perks include better career prospects, higher salary benefits, networking opportunities, improved business skills, extra knowledge, etc. 

An Online MBA in Hospital Administration and Healthcare From DY Patil University(DPU), Pune, is ideal for students who

Want to become Hospital Administrators

If you are interested in getting a managerial role in the sector of hospital administration. Furthermore, if you want to get a doctorate in a research-based field, this course offers all the skills like communication, planning capacity, mentoring, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. All learnings are specifically designed to ensure you can excel in healthcare.

Want to become a Healthcare Finance Manager

The responsibilities of a Healthcare Finance Manager include suggesting ideas to improve healthcare facilities. They also entail forming, improving, and revising financial reports—an online MBA degree in Hospital Administration and Healthcare from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune. 

Want to become Medical Director

The post of Medical Director is concerned with the responsibilities like maintaining various factors such as the policy of the Hospital or clinic as well as the system and agenda of the healthcare department. An online MBA program in Hospital Administration and Healthcare offers you all the professional help from anywhere in the world. This program includes various subjects, such as legal Aspects of Hospital and Health Management, Medico-legal issues, Quality Assurance, Healthcare Legislation, Conflict Management, Hospital Enterprises Management, and Hospital Safety and Risk Management. These are a few subjects taught during this course period.  Furthermore, this is much easier if you become an expert in such qualities at your convenience. The two-year online course focuses on providing good quality education. An online MBA program in Hospital Administration from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, provides you with all the skills required to succeed in the hospital administration field. An online MBA in Hospital Administration and Healthcare from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, offers online professional support and provides principles of medical administration and hospital management throughout the program. It helps you to achieve a safe and secure future. Therefore, it helps the candidates to learn about managing healthcare facilities.

About DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, is in the 41st position in India, ranked by the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF). DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, also has a UGC-DEB approval and a NAAC grade of A++. Besides the specialization in online MBA in Hospital Administration and Healthcare, this university offers various programs. Along with an online MBA in Hospital Administration, there are many additional courses that you can specialize in at this university, such as IT Management, Operations Management, Digital Marketing, etc. As mentioned, the course is an online mode; it also provides all advantages of teaching and support in effective learning.

Admission Process

The eligibility criteria of DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, are that the candidate must score 50% under the general and 45% under the category. The candidate applying should also have a graduation degree from a recognized discipline. It makes the university very flexible and widens the scope of admission for the pool of applicants. Furthermore, an online MBA in Hospital Administration course is online. Hence, it is accessible since you can pursue it from anywhere. Some intriguing topics demonstrated during this program are healthcare economics, healthcare quality management, healthcare information systems, healthcare finance and many more.

Career options after an Online MBA in Hospital Administration and Healthcare From DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

The Global healthcare valuation has seen an increase from 8.5 Trillion dollars in 2018 to 12 Trillion Dollars in 2022. Further, the Indian Healthcare sector is at around 375 billion Dollars in 2022. The Indian Healthcare sector is seeing an annual growth (CAGR) of 22% (Source – Invest India). Also, according to Live Mint, the share of health expenditure has increased from 21% in FY19 to 26% in FY23. Therefore, it will pave the way for new job opportunities in India. Hence, after completing an online MBA degree in Hospital Administration and Healthcare from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, there are various jobs that you can apply for. Here are some career options available that you can opt for after completing this course:

Hospital Administrator

The Hospital Administrator is a senior professional who handles a team of admin professionals. The Hospital Administrator heads the department. The department takes care of all administration work at the Hospital. They intend to provide patients with quality and hassle-free medical services.

Medical Director

Medical Director is a senior-level healthcare professional. They are in charge of developing and implementing medical policies, supervising and managing the medical staff. Further, they ensure compliance with regulatory bodies, reviewing and evaluating the clinical performance of the medical staff, etc.

Hospital Quality Assurance Executive 

Hospital Quality Assurance Executive is responsible for overseeing and managing the quality of services and patient care within the walls of a hospital. They work on collecting and analyzing clinical performance data and collaborating with healthcare providers.

Chief Nursing Officer

Chief Nursing Officer is a senior executive leader in the Department of Healthcare who supervises the nursing department and overall nursing practice. Some other career options are-
  • Assistant Professor
  • HR Recruiter
  • Hospital Administration
  • Planning Advisor
  • Hospital Consultant
  • Blood Bank Administrator
  • Healthcare Finance Manager
  • Assistant Professor
Also, many departments of Healthcare and Management employ pursuing this program. A few such departments involve Public Health Organizations and departments, Healthcare Consultancies, Nursing Homes etc. DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, offers this highly extensive course online for cost-effectiveness and solves vital travel issues for people working while pursuing the MBA. Accessing a competent degree from the comfort of your surrounding of choice adds to the appeal of this course.

Approvals and Accreditation

UGC Approved
NAAC Graded A++
WES International Approval
NIRF Ranking (2022) - DY Patil University, Pune ranked 41st in the NIRF Overall Category 2022
Course Details

University Name

DY Patil University, Pune (DPU)

Course Name

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care
Education Mode
Online Program
Per Semester Fees
INR 35,000 (1/2 Sem), 30,000 (3/4 Sem)
Total Fees
INR 1,30,000
  • Graduate in any discipline, from a recognized University
  • Min 50% for regular and 45% for category students
Loan Facility
Industry Ready
Ratings and Reviews
Avg Student Rating
Satisfied Students
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University Placement Records

Total of 120 students were placed during placement 2022 Highest package offered during 2022 – INR 10 LPA

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Frequently Asked Questions | Online MBA Hospital & Healthcare DY Patil University (DPU) Pune

There are various career options in the healthcare and hospital industry. Further, this course is in high demand as the health sector is overgrowing.

The fee for an online MBA in Hospital Management at DY Patil University is INR 1,30,000 for the entire course.

Yes, an online MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management is an excellent field for a career in the medical and healthcare industry.



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