UGC Declares Online and Distance Education Equal To Regular Degrees!

UGC Declares - Distance And Online Education Equal To Regular Degrees! Now students can pursue their education from UGC-approved universities while working.

UGC Declares Online and Distance Education Equal To Regular Degrees!

Now, You Can Pursue Your Dream Degree From The Comfort Of Your Home. UGC has announced that online education degrees and distance education programs will be given equal importance from now on. All the undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and diplomas from a recognized UGC online university will be similar to degrees in conventional mode. This distance and online education equal comparison with regular degrees has relieved the majority of students. And has opened up various opportunities for working professionals. 

What Is UGC?

UGC is called as University Grants Commission. It was set up in 1956 by the Department of Higher Education and the government of India. The UGC provides assistance and acceptance of eligible colleges. Universities which are specified under section 22 of the UGC act are only eligible. And the courses offered by these UGC online-approved universities are considered valid. 

Why Did UGC Make This Decision? Is This A Good Thing?

This decision of UGC has helped many students. UGC has made this decision keeping in mind the efforts students put into distance learning. Hence, degrees from universities offering online degree courses must be given equal importance to normal offline degrees. If these degrees are valid – The scope of having a good career will increase. Hence, benefitting the students who pursue online education and distance education.

Are You Wondering What Distance and Online education Equals to Regular Degrees Could Mean For India’s Education System?

This step will definitely increase the education system quality of India. Students who live away from cities can now educate themselves at home itself. Further, people who are already working can now pursue degrees without quitting their jobs.

Are Online Degree Courses As Beneficial As Regular Courses And Worth Considering?

Yes, online degree courses are similarly beneficial as regular courses. They have the same curriculum and teaching process. However, the only difference is that you will be doing everything online rather than attending college physically.

Discover How The New Generation Of Students can benefit from Online/Distance Education

  • Firstly, you can pursue the course or degree at your own convenience from any recognized university offering online degree courses
  • Students who cannot attend college physically will not have to compromise anymore. 
  • Also, working professionals can continue their jobs to pursue further education.
  • All this is applicable if you choose a UGC-approved online or distance education program from a recognized university. 

Let Shikshagurus Guide You Further In Choosing The Right Path

ShikshaGurus is a platform providing necessary educational information. Whether it is about offline or online or distance education. We help students understand the best career field for them. Hence, contact us for the right guidance toward your dream career!


The decision made by UGC for online education is highly beneficial. And has made access to universities easier and simpler. Hence, there are advantages rather than disadvantages to pursuing online education and distance education now.


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