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Jain University, Bangalore

Online Program

Online Master of Computer Application | Online MCA in Game Development

INR 50000 per Semester
NAAC Grade
NAAC Graded A++
UGC Approval
UGC Approved
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Online MCA in Game Development from Jain University, Bangalore

Jain University, Bangalore, offers an online postgraduate program of MCA in Game Development. The online MCA in Game Development is a two-year course with four semesters in the course curriculum. An online MCA in Game Development is for game freak students, and it teaches them to create games and game design with advanced knowledge and skills that can help make the best graphics and animation. Moreover, the Jain Online MCA offers students informative knowledge about game design and development subjects. Further, the Jain Online MCA faculties provide different concepts to create the best pictures and designs for developing games. Also, the students can apply the theoretical game development concepts learned practically. Further, the developers use various skills to make better-planned games entertaining the audience. The demand for a Jain online MCA in Game development postgraduates has also increased with an increase in the gaming industry. Further, Game Development has become a platform with the increased global market size.  Jain University Bangalore offers this online MCA degree course and provides an advantage to all students to gain knowledge and expert advice from anywhere in the world. Further, the online MCA course in Game Development at Jain University, Bangalore, offers support and expertise help through several projects, internships, and industry partnerships in various gaming companies.  This online MCA degree course curriculum has subjects like Problem Solving and Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, multimedia, and many more. Furthermore, students who want to become game developers and choose career pathways related to this field can opt for this program.

Online MCA in Game Development is ideal for students who:

An online MCA in Game Development is a program for: 
  • Game freak students who want to explore their skills in game planning and have a strong interest in the gaming industry. Such students should consider the Online MCA in Game Development from Jain University Bangalore.
  • Creative thinkers are the best students who should grow their gaming skills. Further, making it a perfect way to enjoy while working. Furthermore, Graphic designers can use different innovative ideas to create content and grab the target audience’s attention. The Jain Online MCA in Game Development is a perfect course for such students.
  • Students curious about game planning, programming, adding graphics, adding animation, and adding sound will make themselves an asset in game development, or they can also join some biggest gaming companies. Further, the Jain University Online MCA in Game Development is among India’s top game development courses. Students can take advantage of this online course and pursue the Jain Online MCA while still working. 
  • Creative and innovative students with solid project animating skills can rule the field of game design and development. Further, Gaming companies look for professionals who have such skills and are game freaks.
  • Students with strong command in coding and programming like Java, Python, and C++ can use their skills by opting for this course. 
  • Students with Multi-tasking skills want to expand their education and creativity in game development. Moreover, they can learn about various aspects of planning, designing and combine them to become an asset in game development. 
  • Students with explored information and good command of skills required for this field can learn and increase their data through an online MCA in Game Development from Jain University.

About Jain University:

Jain University, Bangalore, is a private university in Bangalore, India. Further, Jain University, Bangalore, online courses offer undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and research programs in various fields. The fields include Management, Information Technology, Humanities, and Sciences. Further, the University has an A++ grade from the NAAC. Additionally, Jain University, Bangalore, is a UGC-approved University and AICTE. Moreover, the University provides expertise and professional help with the courses included in their programs. Their faculties and facilities make them one of the best Universities providing online degree courses. Also, Jain University Bangalore ensures that students who enrol for the online MCA Game Development course get the same quality of education as regular on-campus students.

Admission process:

For Jain University, Bangalore, admission to an online MCA course in Game Development from Jain University, the candidate should match the below-mentioned measures. 
  • Students should have an undergraduate degree with a minimum aggregate of 50% or a similar grade. Further, students from the reserved category receive a relaxation of 5% in the aggregate of their undergraduate degree.  
  • Also, students in the final semester of their graduation can apply.

Career opportunities after an online MCA in Game Development:

After completing an online MCA in Game Development, graduates can explore various career opportunities with some of the biggest video game companies. Game development is a rapidly growing industry (Source: IndiaToday), with a high demand for skilled professionals. Therefore, graduates of an online MCA course in Game Development can pursue careers such as:

Game Programmer

The Game Programmer develops the game’s software and codes the game rules. Also, they test the game to confirm smoothness. Further, they use engines to script and code for creating gameplay systems. Moreover, they also co-create their best work with other team members to work together. Gaming companies are always on the lookout for such professionals. Further, the Jain Online MCA Game Development covers the profile in detail.

Game Designer

They create the overall game concept, level the game designs, and create the game mechanics. Furthermore, they work with the programmers to execute the game as desired. They create the levels, characters, and other important aspects required to develop the game with one of the best designs. In short, the look and feel of the game is the work of a game designer. Further, game design skills are a part of the Online MCA from Jain University course. 

Game Artist

Game Artists create the game’s graphics, such as characters, environments, animations, textures, backgrounds, 2D and 3D animations, special effects, etc. Students learn the skills of a Gaming artist in detail in the Online MCA in Game Development course from Jain University.   

Game Tester

A game tester could be the best job option for game freaks. They test the game to ensure it runs smoothly, noticing and reporting bugs or issues. Furthermore, they also give reviews to the development team for improvement. Moreover, their testing is the major part of the work, as the bugs the audience notices create more threats to the company. Game Testers are part of the core team, and any game does not get rolled out without the tester’s approval. 

Game Producer

The individual or the group overseeing the game’s development manages the game’s budget. They also complete the project within the required necessities like quality and time. Moreover, they provide resources and try to finish the project within a limited budget.  An online MCA course in game development can be a good option for students, alongside the opportunity to work on the latest technology to develop games with some of the biggest gaming companies. Further, these are all excellent career choices for those with an online MCA in Game Development from Jain University. Moreover, one can make a safe and profound future with the help of expertise provided by the programs introduced by Jain University. An online MCA in Game Development from Jain University, Bangalore, will make you an asset among gaming companies. Lastly, please click here to compare this course with online MCA from other top universities.

Approvals and Accreditation

UGC Approved
NAAC Graded A++
WES International Approval
NIRF Ranking (2022) - JAIN University ranks 79th
Course Details

University Name

Jain University, Bangalore

Course Name

Online Master of Computer Application | Online MCA in Game Development
Education Mode
Online Program
Per Semester Fees
INR 50000 per Semester
Total Fees
INR 2,00,000

Pass in an Undergraduate (Bachelor) Program of a minimum duration of Three (3) years in any stream from a UGC recognized University, with a minimum aggregate of 50% or an equivalent letter/numerical grade.

A relaxation of 5% shall be given to SC/ST candidates.

Candidates who are in the final semester of the Bachelor Program are also eligible to apply.

Loan Facility
Industry Ready
Specializations Available
  • Cyber Security (Accredited by BCS, UK)
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Game Development
  • Data Analytics (Accredited by IoA, UK)
Ratings and Reviews
Avg Student Rating
Satisfied Students
ShikshaGurus Rating
University Placement Records

Jain University, Bangalore recorded 92.50% placement rate during placements 2021. Highest Package – 32 LPA. Average Package – 6.09 LPA.

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