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Jain University, Bangalore

Online Program

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Marketing

INR 35000 per Semester
NAAC Grade
NAAC Graded A++
UGC Approval
UGC Approved
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Online MBA in Marketing from Jain University, Bangalore

An online Master of Business Administration or online MBA in Marketing Management from Jain University Bangalore is a 2-year postgraduation course. This course is for students who wish to pursue a career in Marketing. Moreover, Marketing is a vast area with many jobs and responsibilities. A good marketing professional, traditional or digital, can do wonders for the company. Also, if the person is creative, the professional is in high demand. Furthermore, An online MBA in Marketing Management from Jain University, Bangalore, is perfect for individuals with creativity, imagination, and innovative thinking. Moreover, an online MBA in Marketing is about more than just traditional marketing and strategies. Also, it gives you the knowledge and skills to succeed in the digital world, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO specialist, etc. Additionally, an online MBA in Marketing candidate can start a business or go into consultancy. Also, many companies are willing to pay a lot of money to hire Marketing managers with experience in both traditional and digital marketing. Some of the leading online MBA in Marketing Management subjects from Jain University, Bangalore, are Business Environment and Strategy, Operations, Agricultural and Rural Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing of Services and CRM, Global Marketing, B2B Marketing, Retail Marketing and Brand Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Analytics.

The Online MBA in Marketing Management Should Be Opted By Students Who-

Students who opt for an online MBA in Marketing Management attain the skills and understanding needed to perfect themselves in diverse marketing-related roles. Here are some reasons why students might choose to go forth with an online MBA in Marketing Management:
  • Want to become a marketing manager – if you have good analytical skills and gauging your target audience, the online MBA program in Marketing Management would greatly help. Furthermore, Marketing managers need to understand informed decisions regarding marketing strategies. Also, a handful of financial, communication, leadership, and technical skills develop during the curriculum. Moreover, an online MBA in Marketing Management from Jain University, Bangalore, allows you to attain these skills anywhere in the world.
  • Want to be a better competitor – pursuing an online MBA in Marketing will help you to stand like a confident competitor with skills. Soft skills and communication skills, along with management skills, develop effectively. 
  • Having a good demand for a business strategy- a successful business strategy is the main feature of marketing management. Online MBA in Marketing Management from Jain University, Bangalore, will help you achieve a great demand in business strategies. 
  • Have negotiating, analytical thinking, time management, marketing plans, and communication skills.
The MBA online program in Marketing Management provides the comfort of learning opportunities to students who cannot attend regular classes. Moreover, this field of virtual classes is beneficial because it keeps you connected to the faculties and helps clear your doubts with skilled instructors. They also include practical workshops, video conferences, and presentations in their curriculum.

Admission Process – Online MBA Marketing from Jain University

To enrol, aspirants with a bachelor’s degree score of 50% from any recognized university may pursue this course. Furthermore, the online MBA in Marketing Management from Jain University Bangalore is in online mode. Thus, it is easier for working professionals to pursue the course. The admission process for the course is online. Hence, the candidates may apply online to get admission to the course. Moreover, Jain University ensures the education quality of the Online MBA in Marketing course is at par with the regular MBA course. Furthermore, the Jain University Bangalore fees for the online MBA course are very reasonable.

About Jain University, Bangalore,

Jain University, Bangalore, has a UGC approval and a NAAC Grade of A++. Moreover, the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF) has ranked Jain University, Bangalore, at no 79 among all Universities in India. Furthermore, Jain University offers multiple undergraduate and postgraduate courses to its students. At ShikshaGurus, you can compare an online MBA in Marketing Management with similar programs.

Career options after online MBA in Marketing Management From Jain University, Bangalore

India is projected to exceed economic expectations in 2023, as per Credit Suisse (Source – Economic Times). Further, despite the global slowdown, the Indian economy is doing very well, and the GDP has touched US$ 3.75 Trillion (Source-Business Standard). Also, by 2026-27, the Indian GDP will reach US$ 5 Trillion (Source-Times of India). Additionally, this expansion will create a lot of job opportunities. Further, global IT spending is expected to grow to $4.6 trillion in 2023 (Source – The Economic Times). So there should be a need for people who can efficiently oversee projects in India. Therefore, here are some of the job opportunities that one can go for after completing an online MBA in Marketing from Jain University Bangalore:

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, students will be responsible for formulating and implementing marketing strategies to help promote products or services. Students will help oversee market research, advertising campaigns, and brand and customer relationship management. Moreover, Marketing Manager is one of the most diverse job profiles you will learn about in an Online MBA in Marketing course. Also, the Marketing Manager profile is common in all industries.  

Brand Manager

Brand managers focus on building and maintaining a company, organization, or firm’s brand identities, goodwill, and reputation. Students will learn to develop brand strategies, manage brand positioning, and ensure consistent and intricate brand messaging across diverse marketing channels.

Product Manager

Product managers oversee the development, launch, and management of products or services. Students will conduct market research, identify customer needs, and work with cross-functional teams to formulate, develop, and market successful products. Further, these are the main mba marketing subjects covered in the course.

Digital Marketing Manager

With the increasing importance of digital marketing, this role focuses on developing and implementing digital marketing strategies. Students will manage online advertising campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and other digital marketing channels. Further, the Digital Marketing Manager is one of the most sought-after job profiles after an online MBA in Marketing from Jain University Bangalore.

Public Relations Manager (PR)

PR Professionals mainly focus on developing communication strategies and helping the company maintain a positive image. Their work entails developing PR strategies, managing media relations, crisis management, and evaluating campaign performance. Further, Public Relations is one of the core pillars of Marketing. Also, the profile is covered in detail in the online MBA Marketing from Jain University Bangalore. 

Marketing Communication Manager

Personnel working with digital marketing specialists, graphic designers, and marketing professionals. As the title suggests, the purpose of a Marketing Communication Manager is effectively communicate marketing strategies and campaigns to the required professionals. An online MBA Marketing course covers in detail this profile.

Marketing Manager

Personnel associated with implementing marketing strategies demanded by a company. They help achieve the organizational objectives of the company. Further, Marketing Manager is among the most in-demand profiles for students after an Online MBA in Marketing from Jain University, Bangalore. And many more. Lastly, Jain University, Bangalore, online MBA has many more specializations; you can check all Jain University, Bangalore, courses here.

Approvals and Accreditation

UGC Approved
NAAC Graded A++
WES International Approval
NIRF Ranking (2022) - JAIN University ranks 79th
Course Details

University Name

Jain University, Bangalore

Course Name

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Marketing
Education Mode
Online Program
Per Semester Fees
INR 35000 per Semester
Total Fees
INR 1,40,000

General Category – 50% in Graduation from a UGC approved University Reserved Category – 45% in Graduation from a UGC approved University

Loan Facility
Industry Ready
Ratings and Reviews
Avg Student Rating
Satisfied Students
ShikshaGurus Rating
University Placement Records

Jain University, Bangalore recorded 92.50% placement rate during placements 2021. Highest Package – 32 LPA. Average Package – 6.09 LPA.

Sample Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions | Online MBA in Marketing from Jain University, Bangalore

Yes, an online MBA in Marketing is worth it. Further, this is a beneficial course that provides many future career opportunities.

An online MBA course duration in Marketing Management course is of 2 years.

Jain University offers various online MBA specialisation courses, out of which an online MBA in Marketing Management is one of the best courses.



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