DY Patil University Pune is a UGC approved and NAAC graded A++ University.
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DY Patil University, Pune (DPU)

Online Program

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Blockchain Management

INR 35,000 (1/2 Sem), 30,000 (3/4 Sem)
NAAC Grade
NAAC Graded A++
UGC Approval
UGC Approved
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Online MBA in Blockchain from DY Patil University (DPU) Pune

An Online MBA in Blockchain Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

Each one of us seeks comfort. When you can study and set up a safe future within your comfort. Then there’s no chance you will deny it. Hence, we have an excellent online MBA in Blockchain Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune. One of the main advantages of this program is that it offers you the best professional help and career support for growth. The two-year post-graduation program is a big help if you are willing to have a profound future within your ease. A few subjects of an online MBA in Blockchain Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, are-
  • Blockchain Technology and Management
  • Cryptography and Information Security
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services
  • Blockchain and FinTech
  • Statistics and Quantitative Techniques
  • Design and Development of Blockchain Applications
  • Enterprise Blockchain Applications and Hyperledger
The DY Patil University (DPU) online MBA course in Pune is a two-year post-graduation program. After graduating from a recognized discipline, you can apply for this program. Moreover, it provides guidance in online mode by experts and professors. The course has all the benefits of regular classes. As well as it benefits you because it’s an online program. Even with a post-graduation degree, you can consider an online MBA in Blockchain Management to boost your resume and knowledge.  The perks of pursuing an online MBA in Blockchain Management can include various benefits and opportunities. Moreover, the perks include better career prospects, higher salary benefits, networking opportunities, improved business skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, etc.  People with a knack for business analytics, accountancy, financial analysis, and overall market analysis can opt for this degree.  

An Online MBA in Blockchain Management From DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, is for students who-

  • Students who are good at communication skills- can use skills and become an asset to the business. 
  • Understand social media management- in the present date, it is important to be socially active. Learn all the technology related to social media management and develop your skills daily. This program of an online MBA in Blockchain Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, will help you enhance all your abilities.
  • Have the spirit to become an entrepreneur- enhanced skills will keep you one step ahead in business.
  • Have Leadership quality
  • Have decision-making skills in addition to negotiation, resolving conflicts, and managing operations.
  •  Having networking skills-the ability to maintain and expand a strong and professional connection to keep your client relationship on good terms is a very important factor in the business field. 

About DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, has a UGC-DEB approval and a NAAC grade of A++. Besides the specialization in online MBA in Blockchain Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, there are various programs that this university has offered. Additionally, DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, is in the 41st position in India, ranked by the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF). Such specializations include programs like Finance Management, IT Management, Marketing Management, Hospital Administration, Health Care Management, etc. Along with Blockchain Management, there are many additional courses that you can specialize in at this university.

Admission Process

The eligibility criteria of DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, are that the candidate applying should have a graduation degree from a recognized discipline. Additionally, the candidate must score 50% under the general and 40% under the category. An online MBA in Blockchain Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, implants important aspects of the business field like accounting, Blockchain and Fintech, Cryptography & Information security, negotiating contracts, enforcing contracts, capital investments, etc. Furthermore, an online MBA in Bock Chain Management course is online. Hence, a student who wishes to pursue their education and job can easily do so by enrolling in this course. Some intriguing topics demonstrated during this program are fintech product management, digital payment specialization, blockchain consulting, cybersecurity analysis, and many more.

Career options after an Online MBA in Blockchain Management From DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

The anticipated growth rate for India’s economy in the present year is estimated to be between 6.5% and 6.7%(Source: The Economic Times). Furthermore, as per a World Economic Forum report, by 2025, Blockchain systems could hold 10% of the global GDP (Source – India Today).  Hence, there will be no shortage of jobs in Blockchain. Moreover, if a candidate has done an MBA, specializing in such a niche would be in high demand. Hence, listed below are some of the job opportunities that one can choose from:

Blockchain Experts and Developers

The Blockchain Experts and Developers who design and develop blockchain-based solutions, write and test codes for smart contracts, collaborate with other developers/ stakeholders and maintain the security and integrity of blockchain-based systems.

Quantitative Analysts

Quantitative Analysts use mathematical/ statistical modelling to further analyze business and fiscal data. Moreover, they usually develop and implement financial data about market trends, assess risks, and inform investment decisions.

Data Scientists- 

The Data Scientist use complex stats and computation techniques to interpret advanced data sets. Moreover, they collect, clean, and analyze the data to gain insights and make informed business decisions.

App Developers

App Developers specialize in developing mobile applications and building software systems for the company to maintain financial information.  Further, some other job options are 
  • Cyber security experts
  • Risk Control Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Compliance Analysts
  • Advisory Services
  • FinTech Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Credit Risk Analyst
As the population increases, the demand for online MBAs in blockchain management has also increased. An online MBA in itself is one of the most in-demand degrees around the world. Further, with all the skills you have for the finance field at your startup, adding an online MBA degree will increase your market value. It is an added advantage; now, you can take it from your home on your screen. An online MBA in Blockchain Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, helps you provide all the learning process information. Also, it enhances your skills and knowledge. After completing this feasible online program, you can seek a better career and a safe future. 

Approvals and Accreditation

UGC Approved
NAAC Graded A++
WES International Approval
NIRF Ranking (2022) - DY Patil University, Pune ranked 41st in the NIRF Overall Category 2022
Course Details

University Name

DY Patil University, Pune (DPU)

Course Name

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Blockchain Management
Education Mode
Online Program
Per Semester Fees
INR 35,000 (1/2 Sem), 30,000 (3/4 Sem)
Total Fees
INR 1,30,000
  • Graduate in any discipline, from a recognized University
  • Min 50% for regular and 45% for category students
Loan Facility
Industry Ready
Ratings and Reviews
Avg Student Rating
Satisfied Students
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University Placement Records

Total of 120 students were placed during placement 2022 Highest package offered during 2022 – INR 10 LPA

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Frequently Asked Questions | Online MBA in Blockchain from DY Patil University (DPU) Pune

DY Patil University offers one of the finest courses for an MBA in Blockchain.

Yes, Masters in Blockchain provides various job opportunities to candidates. Further, it offers in-depth knowledge about blockchain management and related topics.

The MBA in Blockchain course duration is two years.



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