DY Patil University Pune is a UGC approved and NAAC graded A++ University.
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DY Patil University, Pune (DPU)

Online Program

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Information Technology (IT)

INR 35,000 (1/2 Sem), 30,000 (3/4 Sem)
NAAC Grade
NAAC Graded A++
UGC Approval
UGC Approved
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Online MBA in IT from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

An Online MBA in IT Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

An online MBA in IT Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, is a two-year postgraduate program. Further, the program is online and provides learning, project management, and coursework in leadership and business. Various IT management opportunities are available, such as Business Development Manager, e-commerce developer, and software product development. With the increase in recruiters, the demand for IT Managers is also increasing. Hence, the job has a high pay scale. A few famous top recruiters are Google, Nestle, Flipkart, Amazon, Wipro, etc.  An online MBA in Information Technology (IT) Management focuses on the intersection of business management with technological practices. The extensive curriculum included in this degree encompasses business strategy and management principles, information systems analysis and design, project management, cybersecurity and risk management. To pursue this degree, students ideally need a bachelor’s degree in a related field, like IT or computer science.

An Online MBA in Information Technology (IT) is ideal for students who-

An online MBA in Information Technology (IT) from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, is ideal for candidates who –
  • Want to become IT Director- you need the skill to manage the technical operations infrastructure. To be an IT Manager, you need an online MBA in IT Management. This program offers you to get this degree from anywhere in the world. 
  • Want to become a project manager- if you are good at budgeting and can take care of projects, then an online MBA in IT Management will help you to become an expert and enhance your skills and make them valuable in business. It provides guidance and professional training.
  • Want Promotion to the IT sector- If you have already got a command as a project manager and want to get promoted to the IT sector, then this degree will greatly help you.
  • If you want to learn the skills like management of teams, security, and e-commerce, consider an online MBA in IT Management.
With an increase in the technological department, the demand for IT Managers is also increasing. All the networking teams and data centres work to make the internet safer to surf and explore. Further, the subjects include web designing and content management, enterprise resource planning, software project management, recent trends in IT, and many more.

About DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

The National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF) has ranked DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, at 41st in India. DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, also has a UGC-DEB approval and a NAAC grade of A++. Besides the online MBA specialization in IT Management, there are various programs that DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, offers.

Admission Process

An online MBA in Information Technology (IT) Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, offers online learning support and career-related advice throughout the program. It helps you to achieve a safe and serious future. Further, it helps the candidates to learn about how to manage departments. The eligibility criteria of DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, states that the candidate applying should have a graduation degree from a recognized University. Additionally, the candidate must score 50% if under the general and 45% if under the reserved category. It makes the university very flexible and widens the scope of admission for the pool of applicants. Furthermore, an online MBA in IT Management course is online. Further, it is accessible since you can pursue it from anywhere. Some intriguing topics demonstrated during this program are Business Strategy Management, Information Technology Management, Project Management, Cybersecurity and Risk Management, Emerging Technologies, Business Analytics, and many more.

Career options after an Online MBA in IT Management From DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

In 2023, the IT expenditure of the Indian government will reach a total of $11.6 billion(Source: Zee Business). Therefore, it will open various job opportunities in the IT field. Hence, after completing an online MBA degree in IT Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, there are various jobs that you can apply for.

IT Manager

The IT Manager manages and checks the IT department within an organization or a company. They work with the planning, implementation, and execution of a company’s IT infrastructure plans and objectives. Their job includes planning and implementing IT projects, managing the IT team, budgeting and financial management, maintaining IT infrastructure, evaluating and recommending new technologies, ensuring compliance, etc.

IT Consultants

The IT consultants provide excellent advice to companies on how to go about implementing their IT infrastructure objectives. IT consultants work with a wide range of industries. They assess the client’s needs, develop IT strategies to combat problems, recommend solutions, manage projects, provide technical expertise, and stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Chief Technology Officer

The CTO is responsible for developing an organization’s or company’s overall IT strategies. Their job entails developing technology strategy, leading innovation, overseeing technology implementation, managing technology teams, ensuring technology security, collaborating with other executives, etc.

Project Manager

The Project Manager helps plan, execute, organize, direct, and deliver IT projects on time, within the given budget, and according to the required standards. They define the project scope and objectives, develop project plans, communicate with stakeholders, manage project risks, manage project budgets, etc. A few more career options include Program Manager, Chief Information Officer, IT Supervisor, and IT Director. There are some other major positions that you can apply for in various corporate industries. Also, you can reach higher positions according to your work in the discipline. An online MBA course in IT Management from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, will help you to get all the information and learning processes from anywhere in the world. DY Patil University (DPU), Pune, offers this highly extensive course online for cost-effectiveness and solves vital travel issues. Accessing a competent degree from the comfort of your surrounding of choice adds to the appeal of this course.

Approvals and Accreditation

UGC Approved
NAAC Graded A++
WES International Approval
NIRF Ranking (2022) - DY Patil University, Pune ranked 41st in the NIRF Overall Category 2022
Course Details

University Name

DY Patil University, Pune (DPU)

Course Name

Online Master of Business Administration | Online MBA in Information Technology (IT)
Education Mode
Online Program
Per Semester Fees
INR 35,000 (1/2 Sem), 30,000 (3/4 Sem)
Total Fees
INR 1,30,000
  • Graduate in any discipline, from a recognized University
  • Min 50% for regular and 45% for category students
Loan Facility
Industry Ready
Ratings and Reviews
Avg Student Rating
Satisfied Students
ShikshaGurus Rating
University Placement Records

Total of 120 students were placed during placement 2022 Highest package offered during 2022 – INR 10 LPA

Sample Certificate
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Frequently Asked Questions | Online MBA in IT from DY Patil University (DPU), Pune

Yes, an Online Masters in Information Technology is as valid as a regular MBA.

An online Masters in Information Technology is a course combining IT and Management.

The duration of Mastes in Information Technology is a two years course.



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